Key figures - NEXT Business Intelligence

Your finance system includes good opportunities for producing comprehensive financial statistics, such as the balance per project/cost centre/profit entity or profit and loss statements and balance sheets by period. These are reports that are required for finance and management but are less useful at production level. In the finance system, it is only possible to see how everything went – not how it is going right now and also only at an overall level. Key figures relating to production, such as resource consumption, machine economy, hours, quantities or accrued revenue in real time cannot be found in the finance system. NEXT offers every opportunity to track these key figures that are critical to production and this can be done through standardised overviews/reports directly in NEXT or through customised compilations in which we use Power BI in Excel as an output and analytics tool

Standardised key figures – some examples

  • Gross margin and contribution margin in projects
  • Project balance
  • Machine economy (recorded revenue compared to total machine costs per individual machine)
  • Current profit or loss by company branch, procurement type, department, office, etc.
  • New orders by category and period
  • Budgeted hours compared to outcome (at all levels of the project)
  • Margins on unit price contracts

All of the above examples of key figures can be selected in real time, including at order, project and aggregated level.

NEXT BI (Business Intelligence)

If you want customised key figures and/or stylish presentations in the form of column or pie charts, we recommend the NEXT BI add-on service. Through Excel exports and the integrated Power BI tool, it is your imagination rather than the technology that sets the limits for how you can present your output data. This could involve production data, time tracking or the charging rates in the maintenance department. If the data is available only in NEXT, you can easily and neatly generate the diagrams and graphs you want directly in an Excel format.