Variation orders

With Next, you can document your AAWs in real time using both text and photos. The difference is significant – you simply get paid for the work you actually perform.

Efficient management of alterations and additional work (AAW)

In the construction industry, managing alterations and additional work (AAW) demands precise documentation and accurate accounting. With Next, you can document your AAWs in real time, using both text and photos, ensuring that you are compensated accurately for the work performed.

Real-time mobile documentation on site

Document AAWs directly at the job site. Record hours, costs, and documents for a specific AAW using your mobile device, tablet, or laptop. This feature enables you to earmark resources and link photos and diary entries to each AAW, ensuring detailed and accurate recording of all alterations and additional work.

Comprehensive information collection

Good documentation reduces the risk of disputes in construction AAWs. Ensure your cases contain all necessary information, including images, email conversations, orders, approvals, invoices, etc. Next supports comprehensive AAW journals and specifications for reporting to the client, enhancing transparency and accountability.

Streamlined client reporting

Efficiently report all AAWs in the customer portal of Next. This feature provides you with timely updates and detailed insights into the AAWs, fostering trust and clear communication throughout the project lifecycle.

Centralised AAW management

Next consolidates all AAWs in a central, easily navigable view, providing a clear overview of all ongoing alterations, including their current status – whether approved, pending approval, etc. – for each project. This centralised management system facilitates separate reporting of AAWs during invoicing, making it easier to track and bill additional work accurately.

Enhanced budgeting and forecasting-

With automatic updates of budgets and forecasts, Next ensures that all AAWs are reflected in your financial planning. This feature helps maintain accurate projections, keeping your budget aligned with the actual on-site work and expenses.

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