Next’s digital inspections eliminate the chaos and administration associated with manual inspection processes, streamlining everything from preliminary checks to final approvals.

Revolutionise your inspection process

Transition from cumbersome paper-based methods to an efficient digital solution. Next leverages technology to simplify inspections, ensuring accuracy and ease of management.

Comprehensive inspection overview

Digital inspections cover various aspects, including preliminary checks, safety rounds, final inspections, and warranty inspections, documenting everything on-site.

Integrated digital documentation

Create cohesive inspection records directly on your device. This feature combines notes, photos, and plan positions for each inspection remark, reducing the risk of misinformation.

Real-time inspection reports

Generate instant inspection reports reflecting the status of each noted issue and the responsible parties. These reports can be shared internally or externally with ease.

Paperless inspections

Move away from traditional paper, pen, and camera methods. Digital inspections via smartphones or tablets ensure that all annotations, photos, and deviations are accurately captured and stored.

Delegation of tasks

Efficiently assign tasks to internal staff or contractors with just a click. The system is ready for action as soon as the inspection officer saves the data.

Enhanced control and accountability

Maintain superior control with real-time tracking of the status and responsible persons for all inspection issues in the project.

Everything you need for your construction projects

Manage your entire construction process, from start to finish, with Next’s fully cloud-based tools.

Next Platform

Master resource and activity management in construction with Next. Ensure optimal allocation of all your manpower and equipment.

Project Management

Master construction project management with Next, featuring advanced scheduling, procurement, and HSEQ management tools.


Manage your construction project finances effectively with Next, offering tools for budgeting, invoicing, and financial forecasting.

Site Execution

Elevate construction site execution with Next, integrating deviation handling, inspections, and real-time task management.

All Features

From inspections to task delegation, our range of cloud-based tools includes a complete range of features for the entire management of construction projects.

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