Deviation handling

Manage deviations effectively in your construction projects with Next to ensure proper compensation for the work done.

Streamline your deviation handling

A construction project is a complex process, and regardless of how well-designed and planned the project is, deviations will inevitably arise. Good deviation management within construction is a crucial building block for getting paid for the work you have actually done! Next’s module for deviation management equips you with robust tools to handle all types of deviations.

Complete reports

Compile comprehensive deviation reports, including formal details, email communications, and attachments in a unified PDF, saving significant time in documentation and presentation​​.

Centralised management of deviations and AAW

Centralise all data related to each deviation report, with ample marking fields and colour coding for alerts, ensuring you have complete oversight despite numerous deviations and associated AAW:s​​.

Comprehensive coverage of deviations

The Next deviation feature covers all types and forms of deviations, including question/answer deviations, adjusted drawings, work environment, delivery issues, or additional orders. It facilitates an intuitive and easy process for handling deviations in construction.

Email templates for efficient communication

Utilise email templates for straightforward communication with clients and external parties such as subcontractors or consultants.

Integrated document and attachment linking

Easily link and attach documents directly to emails sent through the deviation feature, providing a cohesive and organised approach to documentation.

Digital traceability

Maintain multi-level traceability of all communications related to deviations, including recipients, dates, times, and attachments, providing complete documentation for project-end discussions​​.

Convert deviation reports to AAW

Deviations that impact costs can be converted to an AAW with just a click, simplifying the process of documenting and validating alterations and additional work. Ensure validity by documenting necessary information with Next.

Mobile access and documentation

Compile and add information and documentation for each deviation directly from the field using a mobile device, streamlining the documentation process.

Traceable email communications

Email communications handled through Next are traceable in terms of recipients, dates, times, etc., directly within the deviation module, ensuring accountability and transparency.

Standardised deviation reporting and journaling

The deviation report includes current communications and attachments, and an overarching deviation journal as per industry standards, offering a comprehensive view of the project’s deviations.

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