Next acquires Dox – document management to be integrated into leading project tools

Next One Technology, the leading cloud platform for the construction industry, has acquired the company Dox, which offers an efficient document management product.

– This merger will allow us to further simplify the day-to-day for the construction industry. Dox will create value for our customers from day one. With leading document and case management as well as support for Building Information Management (BIM), our customers get a service that really improves control and collaboration in construction projects, from the early stages right through to the post-construction stage, says Johan Jarskog, CEO of Next.

The Swedish ConTech company Next One Technology offers a market-leading cloud-based project platform and business system that helps construction companies to take control of their operations in real time.

Thanks to the breadth of Next One Technology, the need for multiple internal systems is reduced, which creates great value for the construction companies, such as significantly simplified administration, shorter lead times, increased productivity, higher quality for the customer and improved competitiveness.

From left to right: Jovan Paskota, Per-Olof Staam, Johan Jarskog, Monika Steinvall.

The company has expanded rapidly through organic growth combined with a couple of carefully picked add-ons specialised in construction. The acquisition of Dox marks the next step in Next’s expansion journey.

– Our ambition is to become the leading European player with a focus on small and medium-sized construction companies. It is a natural part of our strategy to supplement our platform with leading niche systems that we can integrate and grow, both locally and internationally, says Johan Jarskog, CEO of Next.

Per-Olof Staam, CEO and co-founder of Dox, looks forward to the continued collaboration:

– It was the expressed demand of customers that led to the deal and the integration with Next One Technology now being carried out. When these products are combined, we get a seamless flow of information in a cloud platform with unique breadth of functionality. Both systems integrate, which is extremely important today. Working in silos is a thing of the past.

Per-Olof Staam and Jovan Paskota, co-founders of Dox who have worked with digitization in construction and civil engineering since 1985, will continue to be employed within Next One Technology.

About Next One Technology

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Next One Technology is a leading provider of business and project management systems tailored for construction-based SMEs. Next provides an agile, easy-to-use business management platform that ensures smooth project execution, improved manageability, and clear governance.

We help over 3,500 customers optimize their operations every day. Next integrates all aspects of construction management into a unified platform that provides a comprehensive overview of the entire project; from tenders and purchases to supplier invoices, resources, working hours, and variation management.

The group consists of over 120 employees and serves a variety of customers throughout the Nordics and Great Britain.


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