Analyse your projects in real time – with our tailor-made BI tool for the construction industry

Now we are launching our new BI tool, tailored for the construction industry – Next Insights. A tool that automatically collects data from all your projects in real time. We have created ready-made dashboards that show exactly the KPIs needed for you to gain financial control over your projects. In addition, Next Insights presents the data in a visually appealing way and gives you a coherent picture of your project finances.

By using different views, you can analyze individual projects in deeper detail. But you can also get an overview of entire project portfolios. It helps you make wiser financial decisions, take necessary actions and discover potential for improvement. Improvements that are otherwise usually difficult to detect. Jump on the bandwagon and improve your delivery capacity and profitability!

The time follow-up in Next Insights. For example. distribution of absence hours over time.

The features and benefits are many

Find anomalies with unique filter (drill-down) functionality

You can use our unique filter functionality to quickly and efficiently detect deviations and focus on what is most relevant to you. This will help you make the necessary adjustments.

Understand the reasons behind why things are going well or poorly

Analyzing and understanding the reasons behind why things are going well or poorly often requires an in-depth analysis of different dimensions of data such as project, production manager, type of project and period.

Get instant insights into your billable time

Being able to quickly gain insights into your billable time is crucial to ensuring strong liquidity and a good cash flow in your business. By having this insight, you can make informed decisions to improve your financial situation.

Gain deep insights into the income statement per given time period

By gaining in-depth insights into the income statement per given time period, you can identify opportunities for improvement and take action to increase profitability. A clear way for production management to quickly see and analyze the result.

Have a complete overview of budget and time tracking

Next Insights gives you a comprehensive overview of budget, time tracking and invoicing. This gives you the opportunity to streamline your business and maximize productivity. For example, you can see the distribution of absence hours over time.

Optimize the use of your resources

By getting a clear picture of your resources, both in terms of people and hours, you can optimize resource use. It will maximize productivity.

Reduce the time you spend on monthly reporting

If you are used to making monthly reports, you know how much time it takes to collect information about different projects manually in an Excel sheet. Likewise if you have a system but need to build your own dashboards from scratch. With Next Insights, you already have the monthly reporting in front of you.

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