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Manage your construction projects seamlessly with Next’s fully cloud-based tools. Take control of your projects from start to finish to save time and money while boosting the efficiency and coordination of your team.

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Construction scheduling (Next Planning)

Powerful and easy-to-use construction scheduling software for site managers. Track, plan & schedule personnel, equipment, deadlines & resources.

  • synchronised design and operations
  • centralised documentation, tasks, and notes
  • real-time data from the site
  • easy allocation of workers, subcontractors, and equipment
  • plot deadlines and milestones
  • easy collaboration and sharing with your team or subcontractors
  • joint viewing with clients of the construction plan
  • professional-grade construction schedules
  • easy management of resources
  • professional prints in various paper formats.

Resource and activity

Gain complete control over your resources. Tailored for both small and large construction companies, our platform provides a comprehensive overview of your projects, helping you identify areas that require additional manpower, equipment, or time.

  • efficient resource allocation.
  • holiday, deadline, and milestone tracking
  • clear overview of project progress and staff occupancy.


Enhance your construction project’s procurement process with Next. Our solution simplifies the complex and time-consuming task of subcontractor and supplier procurement. Next streamlines the entire process and lays a strong foundation for future budgeting and forecasting.

  • strategic and well-structured procurement plans
  • supplier and subcontractor relationships management
  • customizable templates for inquiries, contracts, and emails
  • comprehensive overview of procurement activities, including supplier evaluations, contract summaries, and financial projections.
  • detailed tracking of invoices and their alignment with project milestones.

HSEQ management

Elevate your HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality) management. Our digital checklists streamline reporting, enhance performance, and reduce risks, ensuring your buildings and assets remain safe and compliant.

  • digital checklists that can be custom-made or selected from standard templates
  • integrated notes and photos directly into the checklist, linked to the construction site map
  • comprehensive data including notes, photos, documentation, and information on deviations, changes, and tasks
  • effective task delegation
  • easy generation and sharing of inspection reports.


Effortlessly manage your business’s financial aspects with Next. Our comprehensive suite of tools encompasses everything from invoicing and budget management to sophisticated forecasting. Ideal for supporting the financial intricacies of your construction projects, Next’s financial features streamline financial planning and tracking, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Site execution

Optimise on-site operations with Next’s Site Execution tools. Designed for precision and efficiency in construction project execution, our platform offers a robust set of features for task management, resource allocation, and real-time progress tracking. Enhance your site productivity and maintain project timelines with Next’s intuitive and powerful site execution solutions.

Documents (Next Docs)

Experience the future of document management with our cloud-based solution for project documentation. This advanced system streamlines your document handling processes, ensuring efficient and accurate management of all project-related documents.

  • automate document filling with project data and information using document tags
  • complete document version control
  • check in and out documents for editing
  • consistent or variable folder structure
  • browser-based document previews
  • PDF generation
  • e-signatures
  • drag-and-drop functionality.

Bidding and quotations

Transform the way you handle bids, quotes, and contracts in the construction sector. Our platform digitalizes your bid/quote/contract management, ensuring accuracy and up-to-date details such as specifications, conditions, delivery times, and more.

  • generate professional PDF quotes automatically
  • centralised project information and documentation
  • standard bid and quote templates for construction, land, and contracting
  • enhanced proposals and quotes with attached project descriptions and visual aids.

Variation orders

Master the art of AAW (Alterations and Additional Work) in construction projects. Our system ensures accurate documentation and thorough accounting of these crucial project elements, essential for managing unexpected changes and additional work outside the original contract.

  • real-time documentation of AAW-related information on mobile, tablet, or laptop
  • centralised AAWs
  • centralised information (photos, email conversations, orders, approvals, invoices, etc.)
  • automated updates to budgets and forecasts.

External access (Next Portal)

Customise access and permissions within your company with Next’s sophisticated data access management tool. This feature is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, ensuring that different professional roles have appropriate rights and permissions.

  • documents and project data can be shared with external users
  • approval of AAWs, diary entries, day reports and work orders
  • always up to date with the latest information
  • unlimited number of external users.

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Manage your construction projects seamlessly with Next. Save time and money while boosting the efficiency and coordination of your team.

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