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Budget and forecast

Next budget and forecast feature eliminates manual pre-work for budgeting and forecasting. It integrates with accounting systems and allows real-time project economy tracking. Key features include importing budget from calculation tools, tracking work time on various levels, managing alterations and additional work (AAW), and providing a comprehensive project overview for financial monitoring:

  • import budget from calculation tools
  • track work time on various levels
  • manage alterations and additional work (AAW)
  • automatic updates in budget and forecast as AAW updates
  • multiple prognoses for different versions and periods
  • integration with project overview for financial monitoring
  • support for quantity-related contracts.

Payment plan

The payment plan module in Next offers flexibility and detailed insights into invoiced and upcoming payments. It includes built-in version management for tracking revisions and dates, ongoing control of all amounts, and easy setup guides. The module facilitates clear communication with clients, supports both standard and performance-based payment plans, and integrates with project overviews:

  • detailed versions management for revisions and dates
  • overview of all amounts, including invoiced and remaining payments
  • guide for easy setup of new payment plans
  • email communication directly from the module
  • flexibility in designing invoice documentation
  • integration with project overview for accumulated values tracking.


Next’s invoicing module streamlines the invoicing process, compiling hours, machinery, and material costs in one place. It allows for automatic lifting of billable items to the invoice draft, which can be adjusted before finalising. The module supports easy billing for small service orders and AAW, includes tax deductions, and automates document attachments. Invoices can be sent via various methods and are automatically recorded in the accounting system:

  • consolidation of hours, machinery, and material costs
  • automatic transfer of billable items to invoice drafts
  • customizable invoice creation
  • tax deduction support
  • automated invoice attachments
  • various methods for sending invoices
  • automatic recording in accounting systems.

Project overview

The project overview feature provides a real-time overview of project economics at both project and business levels. It aggregates hours, materials, invoices, purchases, payment plans, and forecasts for a fact-based overview of each project. The system is adaptable to various industries and automatically generates post-calculations for strategic business insights.

  • real-time financial overview at project and business levels
  • aggregation of all financial details in one place
  • adaptability to various industries and processes
  • automatic post-calculation generation
  • strategic insights for business development and profitability.

Project management

Revolutionise the way you manage your construction projects with Next. Our platform offers a seamless integration of planning, resource allocation, and timeline management. Tailored for the dynamic needs of construction projects, Next empowers you to oversee all aspects of your projects. Experience enhanced control, visibility, and efficiency in every project with Next’s comprehensive project management solutions.

Site execution

Optimise on-site operations with Next’s site execution tools. Designed for precision and efficiency in construction project execution, our platform offers a robust set of features for task management, resource allocation, and real-time progress tracking. Enhance your site productivity and maintain project timelines with Next’s intuitive and powerful site execution solutions.

Customer invoice distribution

Next can manage the distribution of customer invoices, offering options for paper, PDF, or EDI invoicing. It automates the export of invoices to a partner for distribution in the chosen format and updates the accounting system with invoice copies for customer ledger and accounting.

  • options for paper, PDF, or EDI invoicing
  • automated invoice distribution in chosen format
  • integration with accounting systems for ledger and bookkeeping updates.

Supplier invoices

Next can ensure full digital management of incoming supplier invoices. It eliminates paper handling and automatically directs invoices to the correct project inbox and project manager. Approved invoices are processed for both accounting and project reporting, with invoice images accessible in Next for reference.

  • digital management of incoming invoices
  • automated project inbox and manager allocation
  • seamless integration with accounting and project reporting systems
  • access to invoice images in Next for reference.

Time and material costs

Efficiently manage time and resources on each project with a mobile-friendly system that significantly reduces the administrative load. This tool allows for quick and accurate logging of hours worked and materials used, ensuring that all efforts are fairly compensated and accurately recorded.

  • log work hours on mobile for instant project and payroll updates
  • track inventory, materials, and equipment hire per job
  • save diary entries, photos, and documents easily
  • submit timesheets quickly from anywhere
  • ensure accurate project tracking with real-time reports
  • centralise invoice and payroll data in one system
  • cover working hours, overtime, travel, and material use in reports
  • improve project margins with efficient reporting.

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