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From task delegation to revenue forecasting and document storage, our range of cloud-based tools includes a comprehensive range of features for the entire management of construction projects.

Construction scheduling

Create professional schedules that you can include in your bid in record time. And share the schedule online with your client.

Document Management

Next Docs is a cloud-based document management tool that allows the opportunity to save, work on, and store project-related documentation.

Resource & Activity

Now you can have 100% control of the resources with the Next’s construction resource management software. Get a quick overview of the project, allowing you to see which areas need more manpower, equipment, etc.


Discover the power of streamlined procurement in your construction projects with Next Project. Our procurement module simplifies the complex process of sourcing suppliers and subcontractors, transforming the way you plan, execute, and manage your procurement strategy.

HSQE management

Digitalise and streamline your HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) management in construction with Next. Manage safety inspections, checklists, or deviations directly on your mobile. Issues that arise are documented in text, with photos, and preferably with a tag on the digital blueprint. Delegate to the right staff immediately on-site.

Automatic version control

Minimise the risk of costly construction errors by always fetching the latest version of the drawings. Drawings are layered on top of each other, and the latest version is always displayed directly in the file list. If you want to view an older version, you can easily click the icon to open the version history. There are also appreciated features for comparing versions of drawings where changes are colour-marked.

Bidding & quotations

Digitalise your management of bids, quotations, and contracts with Next Project and ensure that all details, such as specifications, terms, delivery times, and others, are always accurate and up-to-date.

Variation orders

WithNext, you can document your AAWs in real time using both text and photos. The difference is significant – you simply get paid for the work you actually perform.

Merge and Print PDFs

Need to quickly print several drawings for a meeting? Easily merge multiple PDF files directly from your project and print them at once. Uncheck pages or files you don’t need, rearrange them with drag-and-drop, or add a cover page with a table of contents. Then create a new merged PDF file that you can retrieve or save directly in your project.

External access

Next Portal empowers you to share selected Next Project information, like project details and work orders, with external parties through a dedicated web portal, enhancing transparency and collaboration in real-time. You retain full control over the accessible information, driving better decisions and reducing production costs.

Budget and forecast

Next’s budget and forecast module is engineered to simplify and enhance the financial management of construction projects. It offers tools for tracking, analysis, and forecasting, ensuring that your project stays financially sound and efficient from start to finish.

Payment plan

Design your payment plan based on your and the client’s needs with great flexibility. With our payment plan module, you get a good insight into invoiced as well as upcoming payments. Add clear version management where revisions and associated revision dates can be tracked in detail, and we reach the goal of a complete module where you are unlikely to miss any functionality regarding your payment plan in construction.


Discover the ease of managing invoicing tasks with Next. This feature is designed to handle the complexities of the construction industry, accommodating everything from small maintenance orders to large project billings.

Project overview

Gain complete overview and control over your project finances in construction, groundworks, or contracting for each project. Do you have trouble following the project’s ongoing finances in real time and find it difficult to keep up with post-calculations? Are you making manual compilations or calculations in Excel? Try Next and discover the advantages of our cloud-based project tool.

Time and material costs

Next’s time and material costs feature streamlines the time reporting and inventory management processes in construction projects. It significantly reduces the administrative burden, offering a mobile-compatible solution for field time and material reporting, ensuring accurate and efficient project tracking.

Business inteligence

Analyse the project data from your construction projects with Next Insights and explore deeper insights and actions with your data.

Deviation handling

Manage deviations effectively in your construction projects with Next to ensure proper compensation for the work done.


Next’s digital inspections eliminate the chaos and administration associated with manual inspection processes, streamlining everything from preliminary checks to final approvals.


Streamline the process of managing work hours, personnel activities, and financial tracking with Next.


Create custom checklists or use a variety of templates, ensuring consistent quality control and adherence to safety and quality standards with Next.

Time reporting

Streamline the process of logging and managing work hours with Next to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of time tracking across all your projects.

Photos & documents

Next’s photo and documents feature offers a comprehensive solution for managing project-related imagery and documents. It streamlines the process of storing, accessing, and sharing vital information, ensuring efficient and effective project documentation.

Work order

Keep track of all your projects with Next’s work order system. With a well functioning work order system, you can avoid unnecessary paperwork, where all reporting of time and material suddenly becomes very simple.


Document, administer, and delegate the multitude of tasks and issues arising in building or property projects efficiently with Next’s task management feature. Streamline task handling in both production and management phases, from inception to completion.

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Tailored for the construction industry

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Tailored for the construction industry

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