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Mobile inspection and task management


Project administration and task management


Fast and easy construction scheduling

Mobile & cloud-based

You can work where you want and always stay up to date. Use your mobile, tablet or computer.

Customised for the industry

Tailored for the construction, contracting and maintenance industry. With more than 20 integrations with finance and payroll systems, NEXT is a complete project management and ERP system.

No contract period

Our customers stay because the service is great, not because of long contract periods.

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Highly commended support team that normally responds within 30 seconds and resolves 85% of issues during the first call!


Proper organisation results in increased profitability

Everyone who works in the construction industry knows how many plates you need to be able to spin at the same time. Being able to manage your projects and work orders in a simple, quick and efficient manner is of crucial importance when it comes to achieving profitability in construction companies.

Tailored for the industry, down to the smallest of details

The first version of the current NEXT was developed for the NCC Group back in 1994. Over the years, we have accumulated 200 years of combined industry experience, but we have also realised the importance of simplicity. The majority of our users are craftsmen or former craftsmen, which is something that we have very much taken into account in the development.

Mobile solutions increase efficiency

Tailored mobile application for recording timesheets, work orders and diary entries. Reach all workers, regardless of technical ability. Data recorded on mobile devices forms the basis for project follow-up, payroll and invoicing, without necessitating the use of a single sheet of paper.

Improved input data quality and faster invoicing

Daily mobile reporting increases the quality of the reported data enormously. Daily reporting means correct reporting and it is also much easier to ascertain whether or not the work is additional.

NEXT – features to simplify the working day

Timesheets and project diary

Nagging about timesheets, correcting illegible timesheets and then having to manually record time for both payroll and invoicing purposes. Does this sound familiar? It is also completely unnecessary – huge amounts of time can be saved using a modern mobile reporting tool while also getting important information about travel, photos, alterations and additional work, diary entries, items used from the vehicle and borrowing of equipment from the storeroom.

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Work orders

The efficient management of work orders is crucial to the profitability of companies working on smaller projects within the construction and maintenance sector. A work order can be created at the office and issued to field personnel but can also be sent to a mobile device. Both the invoice specification and payroll specification will be ready when the field personnel mark the order as complete – how great is that?

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Invoicing ongoing projects can be a hassle. Hours, materials, inventory use and subcontractor costs must be compiled and reported and mark-ups must be calculated correctly based on the agreement. With NEXT, all information is ready and invoicing is more a matter of completing, adjusting and approving rather than searching for all documentation. You can create an invoice in minutes rather than hours and everything will be included – this makes a difference!

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Project planning

NEXT includes most of what you would expect from a professional project management tool. In addition to all basic information such as details of e.g. the project manager, customer and status, there are also sophisticated features such as diary, budget, Alterations and Additional Work (AAW), reconciliation/forecasting, follow-up, planning, photo/document management, invoicing, etc. Where relevant, all data is also available via the mobile device.

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ERP system

NEXT is a pure production system but, together with our partners that deliver finance and payroll systems, we have created a fully integrated mobile ERP system tailored to the construction industry. The integrations between the subsystems mean that manual registration work is drastically reduced while the issue of keeping multiple systems up to date disappears completely.

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Finance and payroll integrations

The purpose of the integrations is to transfer information between NEXT and the finance and payroll systems so that all essential project information can be found in one place. The outcome is that unnecessary registration work disappears while also drastically reducing the risk of errors. In principle, integrations are always created to share information about customers, suppliers, projects, accounting, customer invoices and supplier invoices.

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Integrated with
IBS Enterprise
Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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