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In collaboration with our partners and through various integrations, we offer a comprehensive business solution tailored for the construction industry. Our platform is designed to seamlessly connect with a diverse array of systems, ensuring an efficient and smooth experience while accommodating your preferred systems.

Explore all the partners and integrations available with Next, ranging from accounting and payroll systems to invoicing systems and BIO & reporting.

Allday Time Systems specialises in advanced software-based attendance management systems, offering biometric and PC-linked solutions for the construction industry.
Linking construction firms across England & Wales since 1880, Builders provide support for all sizes, boosting savings, contracts, and industry insight.
Excel, Microsoft's spreadsheet program, can serve as an essential tool for creating detailed estimates and managing tender documents.
Bidcon enhances project efficiency by delivering precise cost forecasts for tenders, boosting productivity, and minimising risks during a project's duration.
Why bother with manual data entry and cross-checking when you can use our integration with Xero? Our integration allows you to sync invoices, timesheets and other financial data between Xero and Project.

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