Next Insights

Real-time financial data analysis

Analyse the project data from your construction projects with Next Insights and explore deeper insights and actions with your data.

Streamlined data visualisation and project management

Next Insights gives you a visual representation of financial key figures for all your projects in real time. By simplifying the process of collecting data from several projects, you save time while simultaneously gaining a comprehensive view of your business. Explore project details, assess performance and identify areas for improvement.

Tailored for the construction industry

Mobile and field-ready capabilities

Advanced analytics and reporting

Seamless integration and compatibility

Customisation and scalability

Features in Next Insights

Real-time visualisations

Experience live visual feedback of your financial metrics, showcased across all projects simultaneously. This continuous stream of information provides a dynamic and comprehensive overview, enabling you to make timely, informed decisions. The ability to see your financial landscape in real-time supports immediate analysis and fosters an environment where strategic adjustments can be made on the fly.

AI-powered analytics

Leverage the cutting-edge capability of AI to delve deeper into your finances. The robust AI of Next Insights works in harmony with the existing system, providing a layer of smart analysis that can interpret complex datasets, predict trends, and suggest actionable outcomes.

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Instant data access for real-time analysis

Next Insights frees you from the burden of administration and monthly reporting. By saving valuable time and eliminating manual processes, the platform gives you instant access to up-to-date figures. This gives you a competitive advantage by enabling faster and more precise decision-making.

User-friendly interface with ready-made KPIs

Building your own dashboards can be time-consuming and expensive. With Next Insights, you are up and running with ready-made dashboards right away. Our platform provides you with predefined dashboards for financial monitoring, and you can customise them according to your specific needs. Navigate smoothly through the complexities of project finance with our user-friendly dashboard. Next Insights integrates our industry expertise to deliver a dashboard enriched with powerful key performance indicators (KPIs), giving you a holistic view of your projects.

Tailored for the construction industry

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