Work order

Keep track of all your projects with Next’s work order feature. With a well functioning work order system, you can avoid unnecessary paperwork, where all reporting of time and material suddenly becomes very simple.

Harness the power of mobile technology for efficient work management

Embrace the convenience of mobile applications with Next’s work order software application, available for both iOs and Android. Significantly cut down on administrative time, receive real-time job status updates, and simplify order retrieval and submission.

Register, plan, and issue work orders

Next helps you register, plan and issue each work order. You can choose to issue them to the work pool or to an individual maintenance technician.

Give customers access to relevant orders

Communication with customers can often be just as challenging as internal reporting. By using the Next solution for work orders, you can save time on many of the most time-consuming forms of customer contact.

On-site invoice specification preparation

The Next work order software reduces the administrative workload. The work order system prepares the invoice specification automatically.

Mobile work order list

The Next work order software application is mobile. Those at the office can track the order status in real time as field personnel check items off their order list.

Comprehensive documentation with checklists, documents, and photos

The Next work order system allows you to bring all documentation to the field. With digital checklists, you can avoid all the hassle of using various bits of paper.

Everything you need for your construction projects

Manage your entire construction process, from start to finish, with Next’s fully cloud-based tools.

Next Platform

Master resource and activity management in construction with Next. Ensure optimal allocation of all your manpower and equipment.

Project Management

Master construction project management with Next, featuring advanced scheduling, procurement, and HSEQ management tools.


Manage your construction project finances effectively with Next, offering tools for budgeting, invoicing, and financial forecasting.

Site Execution

Elevate construction site execution with Next, integrating deviation handling, inspections, and real-time task management.

All Features

From inspections to task delegation, our range of cloud-based tools includes a complete range of features for the entire management of construction projects.

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A work order is a document that outlines specific tasks or activities to be completed as part of a project or maintenance request. It typically includes details such as the description of the work, the person responsible, the timeline, and any necessary materials or resources.

Work orders are important because they provide a clear and detailed plan for specific tasks, ensuring that everyone involved understands what needs to be done, when it should be completed, and who is responsible. This helps in managing workflows efficiently and ensuring that tasks are completed on time and to the required standard.

Work order software is a digital tool designed to create, manage, and track work orders. It helps in streamlining the process of assigning tasks, monitoring progress, and ensuring timely completion of work orders. The software often includes features like scheduling, reporting, and integration with other management systems.