Budget and forecast

Next’s budget and forecast module is engineered to simplify and enhance the financial management of construction projects. It offers tools for tracking, analysis, and forecasting, ensuring that your project stays financially sound and efficient from start to finish.

Optimise project outcomes with strategic financial planning

Are you forced to perform manual preparatory work when producing the basis for reconciliation and forecasting? Perhaps you pull numbers from the finance system and create your forecast in Excel? If you use Next instead, the import possibilities from the estimating software combined with the complete integration with the finance system mean that the manual registration work disappears, while also allowing you to monitor project finances in real time.

Import of account-based budgets

Enhance your budgeting efficiency with the ability to directly import detailed, account-based budgets from leading estimating tools like BidCon, MAP, or Wikells.

Advanced AAW module

Streamline the management of AAW orders. Generate detailed AAW documentation and maintain ongoing records for accurate tendering and precise invoicing to clients. Ensure that all additional works are tracked and billed correctly, maintaining financial integrity.

Versatile forecasting tools

Adapt to the ever-changing landscape of construction projects managing multiple forecasts. This feature supports various versions and periods, enabling you to plan for short-term adjustments and long-term projections, ensuring financial readiness for any scenario.

Support for quantity-related contracts

Efficiently manage contracts based on quantity, allowing you to monitor both revenue (executed quantities) and costs (resources). Gain insights into your project’s financial performance, ensuring you have a clear understanding of both income and expenditures.

Detailed tracking of working hours

Monitor work hours by account or various modes/activities for a comprehensive view of labour costs. It includes the tracking of alterations and additional work (AAW), giving a more granular understanding of labour expenses and their impact on the overall budget.

Dynamic budget and forecasting module

Stay ahead of the curve with a budget and forecasting feature that dynamically updates in line with any alterations or additional work. This real-time adjustment ensures that your budget always reflects the current state of your project, allowing for more accurate forecasting and financial planning.

Project overview for financial insight

Gain a bird’s eye view of your project’s financial health with Next’s project overview feature. Track finances across different sub projects or AAWs, and analyse data at a general level, like project type.

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Master construction project management with Next, featuring advanced scheduling, procurement, and HSEQ management tools.


Manage your construction project finances effectively with Next, offering tools for budgeting, invoicing, and financial forecasting.

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Elevate construction site execution with Next, integrating deviation handling, inspections, and real-time task management.

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