The construction landscape is changing

Rising costs, new regulations, new technologies, new building methods and new expectations from clients; it’s difficult to keep up with everything.

On top of that, you’re trying to co-ordinate procurement, tenders, deadlines, progress reports, compliance/HSEQ checks and invoices across all of your projects. This might entail sorting through reams of paperwork, email threads, text messages and various software, which is very time consuming and stressful. What if there’s a way of managing all of your projects and automating a lot of the day-to-day functions so that you have more time to focus on expanding your business?

There’s a New Way


Join us for a series of weekly on-demand webinars as we reveal the new way of managing construction projects from beginning to end using just one platform. Discover the best method of logging and tracking hours worked, materials used and tasks completed. identify areas of your process that can be streamlined to optimise revenue streams and make your business more competitive.

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Upcoming episodes:

  • Viewing your project cost & revenue at a glance
  • Setting up your project – adding all stakeholders & project details to the platform
  • Creating costings for easy & accurate quote generation
  • Creating a Gantt chart for task management
  • Timesheet management & material logging
  • Financial tracking.