Photo and documents

Next’s photo and documents feature offers a comprehensive solution for managing project-related imagery and documents. It streamlines the process of storing, accessing, and sharing vital information, ensuring efficient and effective project documentation.

Revolutionising project documentation and management

Do you ever get irritated when searching for photos, invoices, drawings, or minutes? Perhaps you’re looking in your email inbox for files attached to an email? And all the while the same question – are the files on your disk, on the server, or perhaps still only in the email inbox? With Next, you can gather all your documents in one place, and they are also accessible from both computers and mobile devices.

Easy upload and organisation of photos

Streamline uploading and categorization of project photos. Quick and efficient, the platform keeps all project imagery well-organised and readily accessible.

Real-time collaboration and sharing

Engage in dynamic, real-time collaboration. The platform’s robust sharing capabilities allow for immediate updating of photos and documents, bolstering team communication.

Secure storage and backup

Our system offers secure storage and backup options, protecting your data, photos, and documents from loss or unauthorised access.

Mobile access and management

Handle project documentation effortlessly, even on the move. With a mobile-optimized platform, you can manage photos and documents from anywhere, anytime.

Customizable document templates

Tailor document templates to your project’s requirements. The easy creation of these templates promotes consistency and efficiency in documentation.

Advanced search and filtering capabilities

Locate needed documents or photos swiftly with sophisticated search and filtering tools, boosting project management efficiency and time management.

Integration with other project management tools

Experience seamless integration with other project management tools. Our system is designed to work in tandem with other Next features and 3rd-party tools, offering a cohesive project management experience.

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Manage your entire construction process, from start to finish, with Next’s fully cloud-based tools.

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Master resource and activity management in construction with Next. Ensure optimal allocation of all your manpower and equipment.

Project Management

Master construction project management with Next, featuring advanced scheduling, procurement, and HSEQ management tools.


Manage your construction project finances effectively with Next, offering tools for budgeting, invoicing, and financial forecasting.

Site Execution

Elevate construction site execution with Next, integrating deviation handling, inspections, and real-time task management.

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From inspections to task delegation, our range of cloud-based tools includes a complete range of features for the entire management of construction projects.

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