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Construction planning software

Take control of your construction scheduling and planning, create comprehensive building schedules in minutes, and gain a better overview of each project with our agile construction planning software.

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All-in-one construction planning and scheduling software

Powerful and easy-to-use construction scheduling software that’s loved by owners, contractors and engineers. No installation required.

Gain an oversight of each project with our agile Gantt chart

Keep clients & co-workers in the loop

Manage resources & deadlines

Add tasks in the order that they’re meant to be completed

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Features of Next Planning

Keep your clients & colleagues in the loop

Keep your team, clients, and contractors aligned – whether they’re in the office or on-site – by inviting them to participate in or view the construction project schedule. Our construction planning software ensures everyone stays informed and on track.

  • Cooperate in the schedule
  • Share a display link with the customer

Joint view of the plan

Get a joint view of the project plan and what progress has been made within each task or phase of the process. Planning allows you to illustrate where you are in relation to deadlines and milestones.

  • Get a joint view of the project plan with the reconciliation line
  • Adjust the line for each line to show if the activity is in phase
  • Drag flags to correct dates for deviations

Resource planning

Now you can have 100% control of the resources with the construction industry’s smoothest resource planning software for construction. Get a quick overview of the project, allowing you to see which areas need more manpower, equipment, etc.

  • Enter personnel & equipment
  • Enter holiday periods, milestone and deadlines
  • Clear overview of projects and staff occupancy

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Time management

Keep track of your team’s progress in relation to project deadlines and milestones. Manage your resources with ease by adding worker absence and equipment rental deadlines.

  • Monitor team progress against deadlines and milestones
  • Add worker absences and rental deadlines for resource management
  • Clarify time planning with critical partial times and milestones

Professional prints in large paper formats

Not everyone likes staring at a screen all the time! With just a few clicks, you can print the project schedule to put up in your office or on-site, with your company logo, in any paper size from A4 to A0.

  • Professional prints
  • A0 – A4
  • Own logo
  • Save PDF

Tailored for the construction industry

Discover how Next Planning revolutionises scheduling in the construction industry – explore our client case studies and see the tangible benefits in action. Transform your business operations with Next Planning, where success stories are just a click away!

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Construction scheduling and planning is the process of organising, coordinating, and managing tasks, resources, timelines, and activities involved in a construction project. It involves creating detailed plans and schedules to ensure that the project is completed efficiently, on time, and within budget.

Construction planning software is a digital tool designed to help manage and schedule construction projects. It assists in organising tasks, resources, timelines, and collaboration among team members.

Construction scheduling software benefits your project by providing better organisation, improved communication, efficient resource management, and real-time tracking of project progress. It helps ensure that tasks are completed on time and within budget.

Yes, construction project planning software can be used in projects of all sizes. It can be scaled to meet the needs of small projects while providing the same benefits of organisation, efficiency, and improved communication.