Payment plan

Design your payment plan based on your and the client’s needs with great flexibility. With our payment plan module, you get a good insight into invoiced as well as upcoming payments. Add clear version management where revisions and associated revision dates can be tracked in detail, and we reach the goal of a complete module where you are unlikely to miss any functionality regarding your payment plan in construction.

Master financial scheduling in construction

Eliminate manual spreadsheet work and gain comprehensive control over your construction project payments. The Next payment plan module integrates seamlessly with your project management, offering detailed insights and simplifying communication with clients.

Integrated version control

Experience precision in tracking changes to your payment plan. Each revision is distinctively marked, providing a detailed record of adjustments and their corresponding dates. This aids in meticulous monitoring of your plan’s evolution.

Simplicity in setup

Initiate a new payment plan with ease by setting periods and amounts. Importing pre-existing plans from Excel is straightforward, enhancing the efficiency of the setup process.

Flexible payment plan configuration

Tailor your payment plan to fit the specific needs of your project. The module accommodates both flat-rate and performance-based arrangements, providing versatility to meet diverse project demands.

Seamless integration with the project overview

Merge your payment planning with the project overview for a unified management approach. Gain a holistic view of accumulated values, aligning with the Next’s standard for consistent project tracking.

Continuous oversight

Keep a comprehensive view of all financials, including invoiced, pending, and remaining amounts. Essential for larger projects, it offers a broad perspective, linking seamlessly with the project overview to track accumulated value.

Efficient client communication

Directly communicate updated and original payment plans to clients through the module. The integration of email templates simplifies and streamlines this process, ensuring clarity and consistency in client interactions.

Comprehensive financial overview

Develop a deep understanding of your project’s financial status. This feature offers a clear depiction of all transactions, both invoiced and pending, along with a detailed per-transaction breakdown and an aggregated total for full financial clarity.

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