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All-in-one construction management

Manage your construction projects seamlessly with Next’s fully cloud-based tools. Save time and money while boosting the efficiency and coordination of your team.

Next is for ambitious construction businesses that want real-time control over every project

We are tailored for the construction industry as we recognize some of the biggest challenges that our customers face come from a lack of control. We’re in business to put control back in the hands of construction companies.

  • Connected data across the project lifecycle
  • Savings and growth driven by insight

Tools within the Next platform

Next Project

Project is an all-in-one tool that allows you to manage every aspect of your day-to-day operations from the palm of your hand:
Features of Next Project:

  • project planning
  • worker time reporting
  • progress reports
  • price lists, quotes, and invoices
  • work orders
  • variations
  • photo and document storage
  • revenue and deadline projections.

Next DOX

Store your project documents on a secure, cloud-based platform for easy storage and retrieval of the vital building blocks of your operations – from PDF’s to BIM (building information management) files.
Features of Next DOX:

  • efficient document management
  • PDF merging and customisation
  • automatic version control
  • QR codes on drawings
  • advanced issue management
  • effective inquiry function
  • integrated 2D/3D/BIM viewer
  • secure data storage
  • flexible integration with open API

Next Planning

Powerful and easy-to-use construction scheduling tool that’s loved by owners, contractors, and engineers.
Features of Next Planning:

  • project planning and worker scheduling app
  • cloud-based, no installation required
  • easy sharing of schedules with colleagues, contractors, and clients via PDF, link or printing to A0 to A4.

Next Field

Inspections, task delegation and report generation available on your smartphone or tablet.
Features of Next Field:

  • save up to 30 hours per employee per month
  • an unlimited number of colleagues, contractors, and sub-contractors can be invited to join your project even if they do not pay for Field themselves
  • capture and distribute critical data digitally in the field
  • smart and dynamic checklists
  • mobile inspections, from HSEQ to compliance checks.

Create your ideal business with Next

The Next platform provides everything you need to create your ideal workflows and business. Try the fastest, and most easy-to-use tool on the market today.

Tailored for the construction industry

Mobile and field-ready capabilities

Advanced analytics and reporting

Seamless integration and compatibility

Customisation and scalability

Add your preferred add-ons

Next Insights

Next Insights gives you a visual representation of financial key figures for all your projects in real time. By simplifying the process of collecting data from several projects, you save time while simultaneously gaining a comprehensive view of your business. Explore project details, assess performance and identify areas for improvement.

Features of Next Insights:

  • Real-time visualisations of financial key figures
  • AI-powered analytics
  • Instant data access for real-time analysis
  • User-friendly interface with powerful, ready-made KPIs.

Next Docs

Next Docs is a cloud-based document management system designed for project documentation. This next-generation tool revolutionises how documents are handled, stored, and processed in the construction industry

Features of Next Docs:

  • autofills documents with project data using tags
  • full version management for document traceability
  • single-user editing for consistent document updates
  • adaptable folder structures for different projects
  • direct browser previews without downloads
  • one-click PDF conversion from Word files
  • integrated electronic signatures for document signing
  • drag-and-drop functionality for easy file uploads
  • document type identification for organised module linking.

Next Portal

Easily share information in the cloud with external parties through Next Portal. Next Portal integrates seamlessly with Next Project, enabling users to invite an unlimited number of external parties such as clients or suppliers.

Features of Next Portal:

  • unlimited invitations for external parties to collaborate
  • direct login for clients and suppliers to access project details
  • real-time information sharing for enhanced transparency and decision-making
  • access to a range of project data including work orders, diaries, and personnel registries
  • customisable information access control for partners
  • facilitates project progression and document review like self-inspections and checklists
  • manages AAW, work orders, and supplier invoices efficiently
  • tracks time and recorded costs for comprehensive project oversight.

Easy to integrate

In collaboration with our integration partners, Next creates a comprehensive business solution tailored for the construction sector. Our versatile platform is designed to integrate effortlessly with a wide range of systems, allowing you to continue using the systems you prefer.

Tailored for the construction industry

Designed by construction professionals for construction professionals.

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Manage your construction projects seamlessly with Next. Save time and money while boosting the efficiency and coordination of your team.

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