Construction resource management

Take control of your resources with Next’s feature for construction resource management. Get a quick overview of the project, allowing you to see which areas need more manpower, equipment, etc.

Streamline resource management in construction

Enhance your resource and activity planning capabilities with Next. Ensure detailed and efficient management of construction project resources, ensuring you have the necessary insight to allocate manpower, equipment, and time effectively.

Enter personnel & equipment

Streamline construction project resource planning by specifying which staff and machinery are available for your projects to optimise resource use and reduce unnecessary downtime.

Clear overview of projects and staff occupancy.

Get a clear picture of your projects and staff allocation in Next. Our feature for resource planning in construction management provides you with a clear overview of your available resources to facilitate better project planning.

Enter holiday periods, milestone and deadlines

Plan ahead by specifying vacation periods, important milestones, and deadlines. This enables you to proactively manage staff availability.

Everything you need for your construction projects

Manage your entire construction process, from start to finish, with Next’s fully cloud-based tools.

Next Platform

Master resource and activity management in construction with Next. Ensure optimal allocation of all your manpower and equipment.

Project Management

Master construction project management with Next, featuring advanced scheduling, procurement, and HSEQ management tools.


Manage your construction project finances effectively with Next, offering tools for budgeting, invoicing, and financial forecasting.

Site Execution

Elevate construction site execution with Next, integrating deviation handling, inspections, and real-time task management.

All Features

From inspections to task delegation, our range of cloud-based tools includes a complete range of features for the entire management of construction projects.

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Construction resource management is the process of planning, allocating, and managing the resources required for a construction project. This includes labour, equipment, materials, and finances, ensuring that they are used efficiently and effectively to complete the project on time and within budget.

Resource planning in construction management is crucial because it helps in forecasting the required resources, avoiding over-allocation or underutilization, and ensuring that all necessary resources are available when needed. This leads to better project scheduling, cost control, and overall efficiency.

Construction project resources refer to the various inputs required to complete a construction project. These include human resources (labour and management), physical resources (equipment and materials), and financial resources (budget and funding).

Resource management in construction ensures that all resources are utilised efficiently, reduces waste, prevents delays, and helps maintain project timelines and budgets. Effective resource management also improves team collaboration and project outcomes.

Construction resource management software is a digital tool designed to help construction managers plan, allocate, and track resources throughout the lifecycle of a project. It provides features such as scheduling, budgeting, forecasting, and real-time tracking of resource usage.