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Entry: Fr. 1 145 kr/mån
Pro: from £225/month

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Fr. 1 145 kr/mån
Kom igång snabbare Prisexempel - 5 användare - 2 145 kr/mån
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  • Bokförda timmar
  • Arbetsorder
  • Bokförda kostnader/Intäkter
  • Projekt
  • Dokumentlagring
  • Faktura


from £225/month
A fully-fledged project tool
Users 2-10 - £40
Users 11-20 - £30
Users 21-50 - £20
Users 51-100 - £15
Users 100+ - £10
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  • Bidding/quotations
  • Variation orders
  • Project overview
  • Payment plan
  • Deviation handling
  • Budget and forecast
  • Procurement


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Next Planning

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Basic: £35
Users 1-10: £20 per user
Users 10+: £10 per user

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Team: from £110 per month

Company: from £290 per month

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Next Insights

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Booked hours

Work order

Booked expenses/Income

Recorded costs/revenues


Document storage




Production budget





Work order schedule

Resource planning

Staff register

Payment plan


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Profitable projects for ambitious companies

Helping growth-driven construction companies not just manage, but profit from every project by killing waste, reducing errors, and providing clarity.

Integrated software

Collaborative platform

Customisation and scalability

Real-time project visibility and insights

Detailed and predictive cost control


To start using Next Project, begin by booking a personal demo with us. During the demo, our experienced staff will go through your specific needs and demonstrate how Next can be customised to meet your company’s needs. After an agreement is reached, we begin the implementation process. Our onboarding department will train you and/or your colleagues to use Project, as well as guide you through the configuration and the integration to ensure a smooth start.

Next Project acts as the hub in your business, integrating with a wide range of industry-leading systems across various areas. We offer a multitude of standard integrations as well as access to our own Next API, which facilitates customised integration with other tools and systems you use.

Next is primarily designed to meet the daily challenges within the construction industry. The platform is ideal for entities within construction contracting, civil engineering, infrastructure, building services, and installation. We have experience in and customers from all sectors within the construction industry, making Next a trusted partner for your project.

A cloud-based project tool is software that gives you access to project data via the internet rather than through software installed locally on computers or servers. This allows you and your team to access project information and collaborate effectively wherever you are, as long as there is an internet connection.

Next Project is available wherever you have internet access. The platform operates through browsers on computers, tablets, and smartphones, giving you the flexibility to always have access to your project details, even when you are in the field or moving between different work sites.

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