Next Project: The digital backbone of the construction project

In an industry where construction projects are constantly becoming increasingly complex and multifaceted, the need for a holistic solution that provides control, efficiency and financial insight is greater than ever. That’s why we’ve developed Next Project – a tool that makes it easier to keep track of your projects. That’s why we’ve developed Next Project – a tool that makes it easier to keep track of your projects.

Next Project is a cloud-based solution that provides an overview of all projects in the organization. It originates from the construction industry (NCC more specifically) and means that it is developed for the industry in a completely different way than many other solutions out there. Many experience challenges with project administration that is scattered across different systems and on paper. Next Project gives you the opportunity to collect all parts of your projects in one and the same place. It enables more efficient administration and frees up time that you can instead spend on your construction.

— Next Project acts as the digital backbone of every construction project and goes far beyond just being a digital diary. With the ability to integrate multiple projects within an organization, it provides a unique overview and control. Whether it is a large construction project or a smaller housing complex, Next Project offers a seamless integration of project management, collaboration and financial overview, says Kristian Eng, product expert at Next.

PRODUCT EXPERT: Kristian Eng has worked for seven years at Next and has specialized in the Next Project.

— Our customers have the same need to gather so many functions in one place in the same way as with, for example, banking services. Being able to find much – if not everything – you need in one tool makes it easier for the user to feel at home and quickly access the information. This not only contributes to efficiency in the daily work, but also provides a structure that is essential for training new employees – and not least that work can continue as usual when someone quits, Kristian continues.

Adapted to the industry

The project tool has many different functions and modules that are adapted to the different needs of the industry. For some companies, a few modules, such as work orders and time planning, may be sufficient. While for larger contracts it may be several of the functions that are crucial for increased productivity, better overview and generally strengthened project management.

Book a demo today and we’ll show you how Next Project helps you row successful projects. However, there are big differences in the needs of smaller construction companies and larger contractors. For example, our work order functionality has proven to be the backbone of a project’s day-to-day operations. The module enables smooth transfer of work orders from the office to the field – and back. This makes the logistics much easier and gives the project management important support throughout the course of the project, Kristian continues.

— Another module that is widely used and in demand is the budget and project overview. In today’s uncertain financial situation, the need for a secure and detailed overview of the project’s finances is crucial. Next Project doesn’t just provide an overview of the budget and forecast. It also provides you with in-depth insights that enable organizations to make informed decisions. When it comes to cost control and profitability, says Kristian.

Constantly under development

Next Project is not only an answer to the challenges the construction industry faces today. It is also a tool that is constantly being developed to face tomorrow. Next works continuously to develop its product.

— For us, it is important to be proactive in identifying trends in the market. We also work closely with partners and listen carefully to customers and what they want. It ensures that Next Project remains at the forefront of the industry. The internal product development, supported by many years of experience, makes Next Project the ultimate tool for the construction industry, concludes Kristian.

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