Next Docs

Cloud-based construction documentation software

Next Docs is a cloud-based construction documentation software that allows the opportunity to save, work on, and store project-related documentation.

Next-generation construction documentation management

Save time with our modern construction document control software for tasks such as HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) work, ISO certifications, BKMA certification, and any other construction documentation where the requirements for documentation are extensive!

Tailored for the construction industry

Mobile and field-ready capabilities

Advanced analytics and reporting

Seamless integration and compatibility

Customisation and scalability

Features of Next Docs


Use document tags in Next Docs for easy auto-filling of essential project data and information. It not only saves time but also minimises errors by populating documents with relevant data instantly, guaranteeing consistent and accurate information in all project-related documents.

Version control

Next Docs supports comprehensive version control, offering unmatched traceability and the ability to easily access and revert to previous versions of documents. Enhance document integrity, facilitate effective management of document revisions, and ensure that your team always has access to the most current and relevant project information.

Check-in and check-out documents

With the check-in and check-out feature, Next Docs ensures that document editing is managed efficiently. This system guarantees that only one person can work on a document at a time, thus avoiding conflicts and ensuring that all team members are always working with the latest version of the document. It also provides a detailed history of document edits, enhancing collaboration and accountability among team members.

Folder structure

Next Docs allows you to customise the folder structure according to the specific needs of each project. Whether you prefer a consistent folder structure across all projects or different structures tailored to each project type, Next Docs provides the flexibility to organise your project documentation in the most effective way for your team.

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View documents in your browser without having to download it, supporting various formats like PDF, Word, Excel, and CAD. Accelerate document verification and enhance security by minimising unnecessary downloads of construction documentation.

PDF generation

Convert Word files and other types of documents into PDFs with a single click and automatically store them in our construction documentation software to provide relevant stakeholders with easy access to construction site documentation and other documents.


Electronically sign documents within the system, offering a secure, legally-binding, and eco-friendly solution for document control in construction for both contracts and official documents.

Drag n Drop

Effortlessly upload and organise by dragging files from your computer into the system, ideal for handling numerous documents or complex projects.

Document types

Categorise documents into specific types to link the right documents to corresponding modules within Next Docs. It’s particularly useful for projects with various documents, guaranteeing each document is stored precisely where it’s needed for quick access and reference.

Tailored for the construction industry

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Construction documentation software is a digital tool designed to manage, store, and organise all project-related documents. It enhances your construction document management, helping you maintain accurate records, improve collaboration, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Construction document management software benefits your project by providing a centralised platform for all your construction documentation, reducing the risk of lost or misplaced documents, and enhancing collaboration among team members. It also ensures that all documents are up-to-date and easily accessible.

Document control in construction documentation software ensures that only authorised personnel can access, edit, and approve documents. It includes features like check-in/check-out, version control, and detailed audit trails to maintain document integrity and accountability.

Version control is a feature that tracks changes to documents over time, allowing you to revert to previous versions if necessary. It is important because it ensures that all team members are working with the most current information and helps maintain a history of document revisions.