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Manage your construction projects seamlessly with Next’s fully cloud-based tools. Take control of your projects from start to finish to save time and money while boosting the efficiency and coordination of your team.

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The Next platform provides everything you need to manage your projects. Try the fastest, and most easy-to-use tool on the market today.

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Deviation handling

Effectively manage deviations in construction projects with Next’s comprehensive deviation handling module. Ensure proper compensation and effective project management in the complex and unpredictable environment of construction.

  • complete reports
  • digital traceability
  • centralised data management
  • seamless conversion to AAW
  • comprehensive coverage
  • centralised management
  • mobile access and documentation
  • one-click conversion to AAW
  • efficient communication with email templates
  • integrated document and attachment linking
  • standardised reporting
  • enhanced oversight with marking fields.


Move away from the chaos and administration of paper-based methods. Transition to a digital process with increased accuracy and ease in everything from preliminary checks to final approvals. Our digital inspections allow you to conduct all aspects of your inspections on-site with just a smartphone or tablet, ensuring everything is accurately captured, stored, and easily manageable.

  • comprehensive inspection overview
  • paperless inspections
  • integrated digital documentation
  • delegation of tasks
  • real-time inspection reports
  • enhanced control and accountability.


Efficiently manage work hours, personnel activities, and financial aspects with our journal, an essential tool for project management and workforce planning. This system not only streamlines reporting and record-keeping but also integrates seamlessly with financial systems for optimal labor cost control, enhancing both transparency and decision-making capabilities.

  • intuitive time reporting system
  • comprehensive personnel ledger
  • integrated financial tracking
  • automated compliance checks
  • real-time data access and analysis
  • customizable reporting options
  • secure data management.


Revolutionise inspections and quality checks in construction with Next’s checklists. Enhance quality assurance and compliance, and use standard templates for thorough quality control and safety adherence.

  • standardisation with digital checklists
  • pre-defined standard checklists
  • customisable checklist creation
  • digital signing and storage
  • comprehensive use cases
  • real-time checklist updates.


Effortlessly manage your business’s financial aspects with Next. Our comprehensive suite of tools encompasses everything from invoicing and budget management to sophisticated forecasting. Ideal for supporting the financial intricacies of your construction projects, Next’s financial features streamline financial planning and tracking, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Project management

Revolutionise the way you manage your construction projects with Next. Our platform offers a seamless integration of planning, resource allocation, and timeline management. Tailored for the dynamic needs of construction projects, Next empowers you to oversee all aspects of your projects. Experience enhanced control, visibility, and efficiency in every project with Next’s comprehensive project management solutions.

Time reporting

Elevate time tracking efficiency and accuracy in your projects with our time reporting feature. Simplify time logging and enhance project time analysis and get real-time insights and flexibility to your project management.

  • user-friendly time logging
  • comprehensive project time analysis
  • seamless integration with project management tools
  • real-time reporting and analytics
  • customizable time tracking categories
  • automated alerts and reminders
  • secure and reliable data storage.

Photos and documents

Effortlessly manage your project’s photos and documents with Next. The feature enhances project documentation efficiency, providing seamless organisation, accessibility, and collaboration.

  • easy upload and organisation of photos
  • enhanced document accessibility
  • customizable document templates
  • real-time collaboration and sharing
  • advanced search and filtering capabilities
  • secure storage and backup
  • integration with other project management tools
  • mobile access and management.

Work orders

Elevate project management for maintenance companies and craftsmen with a streamlined, paperless approach. Our work order feature, compatible with iOS and Android, enhances job tracking and order management. It supports real-time updates, easy retrieval and submission of orders, and attachment of various materials including photos and drawings for detailed and efficient handling of work tasks.

  • mobile application for iOS and Android
  • register, plan, and issue work orders
  • mobile work order list
  • customer access to orders
  • comprehensive documentation with checklists, documents, and photos
  • on-site invoice specification preparation.


Efficiently document, manage, and delegate tasks and issues in construction or property projects with Next. Accessible on mobile devices, the task feature allows for effective monitoring and management of tasks from start to finish, with colour-coded status indicators for ease of tracking.

  • comprehensive task details
  • mobile accessibility for all roles
  • colour-indicated status tracking
  • task management features.

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Manage your construction projects seamlessly with Next. Save time and money while boosting the efficiency and coordination of your team.

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