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Share project information externally

Share information with third parties in the cloud with Next Portal.

Streamline collaboration and enhance transparency

Next Portal empowers you to share selected Next Project information, like project details and work orders, with external parties through a dedicated web portal, enhancing transparency and collaboration in real-time. You retain full control over the accessible information, driving better decisions and reducing production costs.

Tailored for the construction industry

Mobile and field-ready capabilities

Advanced analytics and reporting

Seamless integration and compatibility

Customisation and scalability

Features of Next Portal

Invite external stakeholders

Using Next Portal, you can grant external stakeholders (clients, customers, suppliers, consultants, or partners) access to selected information from Next Project through a dedicated web portal.

Real-time information sharing

Information becomes available to partners in real time without manual intervention from your side. This may include project information, current work orders, documents, the project diary, personnel logs, or the ÄTA journal.

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Access management

You control which partners have access to specific information, ensuring sensitive information is protected while facilitating necessary information sharing.

Streamlined order and invoice management

The portal streamlines the handling of ÄTA, work orders, and supplier invoices, making financial tracking and processing easier and reducing the risk of errors.

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over 3,000 customers

Tailored for the construction industry

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