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The most user friendly snagging software in the construction industry

Save time on inspections & evidence gathering, leaving you to simply get the job done. Identify issues, generate reports & assign/monitor tasks to the team with ease.

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Full overview of tasks & worker progress

Invite an unlimited number of colleagues, contractors and sub-contractors to join your project at no extra cost! View a top-level overview of which tasks are pending, in progress and completed. Workers can update their assigned tasks in real time, adding comments, photographic evidence and documentation to each.


Show workers what needs doing & where

Not only can you assign tasks to specific workers, you can also attach the job and any supporting documentation to a specific part of the map of the building/site. Field workers can see what needs doing and where. This construction task management software can be accessed from the web browser of any computer, smartphone or tablet.


Golden thread fulfillment & the UK Building Regulations

Construction companies are now required to take photographic evidence to verify the safety, quality and energy efficiency of each aspect of a new building, which can be very costly in terms of time. Next Field saves hours of time by allowing workers to quickly take a picture; each one is automatically assigned to the correct plot. All documents are stored on the cloud and can be retrieved with ease.

 building regulations 2022 (grace period ending june 2023)

Digital construction checklists for quality assurance & compliance

Create a bespoke digital checklist, or choose from a wide variety of templates for any kind of inspection to ensure consistency & quality amongst your workers. These checklists instruct workers on what to check, and requires that the user provides photographic evidence for compliance or HSEQ specific checks.


Generate & send reports with one click

All tasks, progress updates, documentation, photographic evidence, checklists and comments can be compiled into a variety of reports. Whether you need to produce an inspection report, a progress report or a time/cost projection, Next Field can generate it at the touch of a button. Your report can be shared with any one, whether they are a current Field user or not. Colleagues can even add to the report before you send to your customer.



Comes with a wide array of checklists for most types of inspections (snagging, fire, HSE, facade, health & environment, etc.). You can even create your own, or upload a pre-existing one.


With an intuitive user interface, one can navigate Field in just a few minutes. Next Field is 100% cloud based, always updated and even functions off-line.


An unlimited number of colleagues, contractors and sub-contractors can be invited to join your project even if they are not Field customers – this incurs no additional cost!


Highly commended support team that normally responds within 30 seconds and resolves 85% of issues during the first call!

Snagging software key features


✓ Track and delegate tasks and deviations
✓ Perfect for snagging or inspections


✓ Mobile access to drawings & tickets onsite.
✓ Use photos or drawings


✓ Provides up to date, real-time checklists
Easy customer report generation

DBC Southern Fire Door

How DBC Records & Tracks Fire Door Installation with Ease

With Next Field it’s a lot easier to find and trace each individual door. Plus whatever I do, any pictures I take, goes directly to each and every one of us individually; it’s all there for everybody to see.” 

Mark, Carpenter, DBC Southern Ltd

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Bezt Consulting NEC Inspection

How Bezt Consulting Saves Time Conducting NEC Inspections with Next Field snagging software

It’s efficient, it’s accurate, it’s quick; it allows me to have that constant interaction with the contractor when I’m not on site… [Next Field] saves masses of time, making it much more efficient for me to see the project from start to finish.” 

Daren Bezants, Bezt Consulting

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Next Field - Full overview of inspections with digital floor plans

Builders and clients: Get a total overview of building inspection reports, progression and an overview of all participants in the project.

General contractors: Make inspections and delegate to the right person with a click. Plot any deviations directly on the drawing and share with all involved parties during the project.

Subcontractors: Get all tasks, deviations and changes directly on your mobile. Submit your quality assurance with a few taps on your mobile.

Operation: Get daily, weekly, monthly and annual assignments, and check directly on floor plans in buildings. Everyone knows what to do at any given time, and you can easily retrieve documentation at any stage.

We have 25 years experience of the construction industry and help 3,000 customers on a daily basis to save time and money.

Whether you are a developer, contractor, consultant, industry consultant or house builder, Next Field can be used as your daily visual tool in the field.