How a Safety Inspection app will get inspections More Accurate

How a Safety Inspection app will get inspections More Accurate

Safety inspections are one of the most important phases in any project, as they ensure the ability for the building or site to be used and inhabited. Relying on notes, paperwork, clipboards, and forms can make the process slow, inefficient, and increases the possibility for overlooking details and skipping crucial steps that ultimately result in fines, penalties, and more wasted time and money. Digital inspection apps make the safety inspection process not only easier, but also more reliable. You wouldn’t cut a board with a dull blade, so why conduct safety inspections with sub-par tools? In this post, we will explore the most common issues and bottlenecks that come up during safety inspections, and introduce the ways that a digital inspection app can help remedy those problems…

How a Safety Inspection app will get inspections More Accurate

1. Sometimes the problem is identified, but the root of the issues isn’t delt with

In an inspection, it is easy to accidentally take a superficial approach and observe an issue but miscalculate or neglect to discover the root of that issue. Using a digital inspection app and platform for the entire project, the ability to look through notes, history, and comments about each area in the site makes it easier to piece together a story of what is going wrong. Since the app can house a collection of every contractor’s input, safety inspectors can see notes made along the way, contact the individuals who might hold the answers, propose solutions, and quickly communicate any problems they do see, to the rest of the team. With the ability for communications to be conveyed quickly, issues can be resolved, and safe conditions can be created faster.

2. Everyone isn’t on the same page

With multiple contractors working on one project at different stages, and communication relying on paperwork, phone calls, or in person conversations, it can be easy for key players to fall out of the loop.

Using a Safety Inspection app, safety inspectors can make notes, convey crucial information, and identify important problems in one place that gets the message across to everyone involved. Plus, along the way, if various contractors notice an issue, they won’t have to worry about contacting each stakeholder individually because simply updating the app with all necessary info will send a message to each manager, oversight person, and contractor, ensuring that everyone has the latest details, the full story, and the ability to make changes and improvements when needed.  

3. There isn’t enough time, and the process is rushed

Having to speed through a site isn’t exactly conducive to ensuring proper safety protocol. With so many details to consider and elements to inspect, safety inspections can take time and involve a lot of reporting and record keeping. Using a Safety Inspection app makes this process faster and easier. Not only will inspectors avoid having to hand write extensive reports, but the ability to pin and comment on images of floor plans and pictures means that the information is immediately typed up, reflected on the exact area, and safety inspectors can spend their time on the site looking around and checking closely, rather than rifling through extensive notes, risking the chance that they may misplace an important piece of information.

4. Inconsistent tracking and record keeping

Hand-written notes, comments made on paper plans, and information being held by different individuals naturally results in a patchy set of information about any project. With safety inspectors inputting their details directly into the app used by all other contractors, every piece of information pertaining to the project is held in one place, making it impossible for details to get lost in the process and overlooked by other parties involved.

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