Installation and maintenance

Simplified administration with the NEXT project and ERP system

NEXT has features developed especially for companies working in installation and maintenance. When it comes to fundamental features relating to project and order management, installers are no different to other craftsmen. They work on both larger fixed-price contracts and smaller maintenance projects, exactly like builders do.

”When we saw NEXT, we realised that the system would not only help us with mobile timesheets but that it would also simplify our order management and invoicing processes” – Bo-Staffan AnderssonFinance Controller, Sandbäckens.

However, for different types of ongoing projects, the way in which unused materials are charged does differ. When it comes to electronics/telecommunications, it could be a matter of cables or electronic components and when it comes to ventilation and air conditioning, it could be a matter of pipe fittings or couplings taken from the vehicle or storage and that they therefore do not generate any order-specific invoice from the wholesaler. Many installers also act as resellers of wholesalers’ items/materials and therefore charge at item level in a completely different way to the construction and groundwork field. Often, a significant part of the installer’s business consists of the sale of items and a lot of effort has therefore been put into automating the handling of items, especially in connection with the invoicing of such items. For larger installation companies, it is of the utmost importance that procurements are not only managed efficiently but also guide the company to the wholesaler that can offer the best price for the contract in question. In order to support this, NEXT has integrated with the market leading provider of procurement systems for the installation industry, Symbrio. This integration means that procurements are managed fully in Symbrio but that pricing to customers and further handling of the items, including invoicing and tracking, takes place in NEXT. In addition to the tailored features above, NEXT includes all specific features that you can expect from a professional project and ERP system. Fundamental features include project and order management, integration with finance and payroll, time reporting/recognised hours, supplier invoices, Alterations and Additional Work (AAWs), budgets/forecasts, cost and revenue tracking, customer invoices, photos and documents, time and resource planning, basis for percentage of completion recognition, etc.

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