5 reasons to digitise your construction company

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Do you want to create more efficiency and profitability while reducing paperwork in your construction business? Who wouldn’t! New technologies, digital tools are constantly being developed. The difficulty lies, however, in getting out of the habit of doing things the ‘way they’ve always been done’. Let’s have a look at some top reasons to break legacy practices and refresh your digital tech-deck:

#1. Avoid costly mistakes with digital inspections

Digital building inspections have become an integral aspect of any construction project, but they can be very time consuming; not only in terms of collecting and sorting the photographic evidence and notes, but also in assigning follow-up tasks to workers. Instead of using a camera from your smartphone and taking notes with pen and paper, and then collecting all this data on a computer, you can use an app to gather all this information in one place, organised by specific areas of the building. You can then assign each task to a worker and monitor their progress remotely if needed. Simple!

#2. Increase safety through digital controls

By digitising the construction process and the inspections, you can keep track of the smallest deviations and correct the errors before it’s too late. Continuously going through the construction, inspecting and updating all safety points digitally means that everyone is kept apprised in real time, thus preventing accidents and misunderstandings.

# 3. Avoid unnecessary travel to and from the office

Having to brave the badly congested roads just to file, scan or print some paperwork doesn’t sound like a good use of your time. We do so many things remotely these days. Instead, you can make changes/updates to the project on the fly, leaving you with more time either working from home or on the actual building site.

#4. No more creased bits of paper

Paper can get creased, ripped, dirtied, mislaid, etc. What a palaver! Replace the paper with digital copies that cannot be damaged, and you will quickly feel your day-to-day stress fall like a rock.

Mark from DBC Southern can attest to that:

#5. Save time with simpler QA reporting

Why waste time collating all of your findings into a report when you can have an app do it for you?

Instead of wasting time collecting all your photos, notes, comments and emails into an excel or word document, you can use Next Field to generate a comprehensive report in less than 30 seconds. You can use Next Field if you want to send an inspection report or a complete overview of a project, or if you just want a general report on the progress of the construction project. Using a user-friendly filter, you can retrieve exactly the information you are looking for, and then generate a report.


If you haven’t started digitising your construction company yet, it’s high time to start now. Tie the digital bag together with the Next digital rope, which collects all these 10 improvement points in one place and makes it easier for you, all your colleagues and the company as a whole. The digitized construction industry is a fact and those who do not keep up will fall behind.

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