Say good bye to hours gathering all your documents for building inspection reports


Instead of wasting time compiling all of your photos, notes, comments and emails into an excel or word document, you can use Next’s Field report software to generate a variety of building inspection reports in less than 30 seconds.

From building reports to project progress reports, Next can generate whatever data you wish to add into a simple, easy to read dashboard.


The report is interactive, which means that you can zoom in on specific documents, photos, comments and floor plans. You can also sign off on any reports via your smartphone, tablet or PC.

You can also give colleagues permission to add to or edit your reports.

Golden thread fulfillment

The ability to bring up specific construction documentation behind each and every design & construction phase of a building is quickly becoming the norm for UK companies. With field report software you can pull up any document, photo, comment or piece of data that was recorded via the app, and send building reports on to others through either a PDF attachment or a link.

More about Next's construction field reporting software

  • A powerful filter allows you to filter out exactly the criteria you want to see (based on project, type of deviation, tags, people, HSE, etc.)‍
  • Sign off each building report digitally and remotely
  • Interactive report where you can zoom in on floor plans and photos to see exactly where the needle points are
  • Clear documentation in the report that can be enlarged to see details.

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“With Next Field, I have an excellent to do list. Absolutely clear, straight to the point and with all the comments. Press ‘generate a report’ and the whole job is done!”

John C Forester, Consulting Engineer, Sweco

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