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Instead of compiling photographic evidence manally, and collecting notes written on pieces of paper, Field runs through a checklist – which can be created from scratch or generated from our library of standardised templates. Any notes or pictures taken are automatically added to the relevant part of the checklist, and added to a map of the construction site.

Collect important data

  • All notes related to a point
  • Photos and documentation
  • Deviations, changes and tasks
  • Communication with everyone involved
  • Exactly where the point is located
  • Who is responsible for handling the point.

Delegation of tasks

If you discover tasks to be performed then you can delegate each to the appropriate worker, attaching photos, documentation and notes so that he/she knows what to do, where to do it, and why it needs fulfilling. You can then track what progress has been made on each task.

After the inspection is completed, you can retrieve a complete report that can be forwarded to anyone via a link or PDF attachment.

Quality assurance

  • Ideal for quality assurance
  • Avoid costly mistakes by catching them before they have major consequences
  • Collect all data related to an inspection via smartphone or tablet
  • Delegate tasks directly to employees or partners during the inspection
  • Retrieve a completed inspection report when you have finished
  • Follow up all points from the inspection until they are resolved and must be approved.
Health & Safety Check


  • Ideal for HSE inspections
  • Reduce incident and rectify hazards in the workplace with Next Field’s safety inspection software
  • Ensure compliance to the latest building regulations, ensuring that all supervisors/inspectors know what to look for and what to document.

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Daren Bezants, Bezt Consulting

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