Work order

NEXT’s work order system helps maintenance companies and craftsmen save money and free up valuable time. Our work order system helps you keep track of all your projects. With a well functioning work order system, you can avoid unnecessary paperwork. All reporting of time and material suddenly becomes very simple. This simplicity does not result in any compromises in terms of the level of detail – quite the opposite! With the NEXT work order system for work orders, you can easily attach photos, drawings, checklists, documents and other materials.

Mobile application – iOs/Android

NEXT has developed a mobile application for iOS and Android that takes care of all management of work orders. Do you spend a lot of administrative time managing your work orders? With the NEXT system for work orders, neither you nor your employees in the field need to spend a lot of time managing work orders. Is it difficult to get an overview and keep track of the job status? NEXT helps you get full control of the status of each job. You can also provide access to the customer for the relevant order. Is there a lot of unnecessary effort involved in retrieving and submitting orders? You can avoid this with the NEXT work order system! Digital order management ensures minimal transport operations. Do you ever make purchases and manage to invoice the customer before you even receive the supplier invoice? Achieve complete control of all invoices with the NEXT work order system. NEXT helps you with the entire flow:

  • Order registration
  • Reporting of time and own resources
  • Alterations and Additional Work (AAW)
  • Photos
  • Checklists
  • Purchase of materials
  • Invoicing

You can track your orders in real time and everything is managed digitally without involving a single piece of paper. All details are also included in the invoicing. No more worrying about notes left in pockets or cars!

Register, plan and issue work orders

NEXT helps you register, plan and issue each work order. You can choose to issue them to the work pool or to an individual maintenance technician.

  • Work orders can be created at the office and issued to field personnel.
  • There is also an option to create work orders via mobile in the field.
  • Orders can be planned using a graphical calendar view or in a matrix similar to an ordinary spreadsheet.
  • Assign the work order to an individual maintenance technician or a team (pool).
  • Option to provide supervisors with mobile access to all orders for their team.
  • If there are recurring work orders, warranty inspections or similar, you can easily add a reminder. The system will then automatically generate an e-mail when the date is approaching.

Mobile work order list

The NEXT system for work orders is mobile. Those at the office can track the order status in real time as field personnel check items off their order list.

  • Each maintenance technician will see only their own orders, unless otherwise specified.
  • Create a pool of maintenance technicians if you want team members to be able to view all orders.
  • The order list on mobile can be sorted by date, time, project/customer and in numerical order. The order list therefore also acts as a highly flexible “to-do list”.
  • Filter orders by status to keep track of what there is left to do. The pool has a separate tab in which the pool orders are shown.
  • Use the pool if you have completed your regular assignment but have a few hours left until the end of your shift. Simply launch the pool and select a job from the list!
  • It is possible to register an address or GPS coordinates directly in the order. You can then easily launch a map in the app.
  • As staff work through their order lists, they can easily update the status to e.g. “Completed,” “Completed, awaiting supplier invoice,” “STOP – blasting work required” and so on.
  • You can choose which status messages to include in the NEXT app.
  • Track the order status from the office in real time.

Give customers access to relevant orders

Communication with customers can often be just as challenging as internal reporting. By using the NEXT solution for work orders, you can save time on many of the most time-consuming forms of customer contact.

  • You can give the customer access to relevant orders via the NEXT portal. Forget about unnecessary and time-consuming e-mails. Since the customer is able to track their orders in real time, they can also digitally approve orders for invoicing.
  • If you give the customer mobile login access, they will be able to register or complete new orders directly from the field. Customers can add information such as descriptions, GPS coordinates and photos.
  • Customers can also change the status to e.g. “Ready for execution” or “Request for quotation”. The contractor can then continue the work in accordance with the customer’s requests.

Checklists, documents and photos

The NEXT work order system allows you to bring all documentation to the field. With digital checklists, you can avoid all the hassle of using various bits of paper.

  • Using your mobile device, you can be sure to have complete documentation when working in the field. These may be drawings or assembly instructions or even photos from fault reports or inspections.
  • The NEXT work order system includes a paper-free checklist that can be checked off directly on your mobile. With no bits of paper to keep track of, you can create complete documentation for the job at the touch of a button.

Prepare invoice specifications on site

The NEXT work order software reduces the administrative workload. The work order system prepares the invoice specification automatically.

  • Maintenance personnel select directly from the unit price list. This creates revenue and costs in real time and on site.
  • The most common items/entries are managed using a quick selection list available directly after the order.
  • The invoice specification is ready the second the project status is set to complete. After the maintenance technician has closed the case, further compilation of the invoice specification is rarely required.
  • Supervisors may supplement the invoice and will approve it so it can be issued to the customer.
  • The app supports direct signing of invoices using a mobile device.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to talk more about NEXT as a work order system tool. We are happy to share the feedback we have received from our reference customers!