Construction News Roundup: January

In a world where digitization is rapidly rewriting the rules, the construction industry faces a unique opportunity for growth and efficiency. Through innovative, cloud-based tools, Next One Technology offers the key to not only simplify daily administration, but also to drive economic growth.

In the challenging reality of the construction sector, where projects grow in both scale and complexity, time pressure and strict requirements for safety and precision are commonplace. Innovative solutions are required to manage and simplify the complex layers of operations. Thus, a proper digital tool is necessary to ensure flexibility in projects and increased security, without compromising quality.

One of these tools is Next Project, a cloud-based platform designed to strengthen, among other things, project management and collaboration.


Construction on digital grounds

“Next Project stands out by offering tailor-made digital solutions that give everything from main contractors to site managers a powerful boost. A smooth workflow and clear visibility into the projects is just the beginning; we are also talking about significant savings. In an industry where efficiency and adaptability are becoming increasingly essential, the ability to quickly maneuver through new challenges is what defines leaders and successors,” elaborates Kristian Eng, product expert at Next.

Without a proper tool in place, the coordination and communication between the many different actors on a construction site can become a serious bottleneck. This challenge picture changes significantly with the right solutions.

“Our platform provides detailed insight into each project step, enables accurate resource planning and offers advanced tools for financial management, which are essential for keeping project budgets under control. Within Next Project, we have several modules that, among other things, can transform data into decision support by offering in-depth analytics and real-time reporting, or that add additional value by offering a secure, centralized document management solution that ensures all project documents are up-to-date and accessible to the team, wherever they are they are located.”

Digitization: More than just a buzzword

As the construction industry faces the onset of the digital era, there is a critical need to modernize old systems and working methods. Many companies in the sector are struggling to keep up with digitalisation, which can result in lost opportunities and weakened competitiveness. The challenge lies in balancing the day-to-day operational work with investing in new technologies that can promote long-term growth and efficiency.

“Digitization in the construction industry is not only about streamlining internal processes; it is also a strategic investment to ensure financial gain in the long term. By implementing cloud-based solutions such as the Next Project, companies secure a position at the forefront of development, ready to meet the challenges of the future,” says Thomas Wiberg, CPO at Next.

“Digitization is no longer a distant future; it is here and now. Keeping up with digital trends is therefore essential to survive in this industry. The choice of the right digital tools symbolizes a partnership for growth and joint exploration of new opportunities.”

Relics of a bygone era

When one considers the pace of today’s digital progress, one sees a clear outline of the future where pen and paper become relics of a bygone era. An important question opens up: Is it still appropriate to rely on these old-fashioned methods when technological solutions exist, solutions that not only make processes more efficient, but also strengthen our positions in a competitive world?

“The digital transformation offers the construction industry a chance to reinvent itself – to become more robust, flexible and adaptable. As we together take the steps into a new era of construction, it becomes essential to reflect on our provision for growth and innovation. How we equip ourselves will define our capacity not only to build structures, but also to shape a future that can withstand the tests of time,” concludes Wiberg.

Next is for ambitious contractors who want real-time control over each project. We are Sweden’s leading supplier of business and project management systems for the construction industry, and entered the UK market in 2021. Next offers tailored cloud-based tools that will make your projects more flexible, manageable and structured. In Next you will find all the specific functions you expect from a system adapted for all types of construction projects.

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