Your Health and Safety Checklist: 5 Things You Should Do to Keep Workers Safe

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Keeping contractors safe while on or off the field is a top priority, meaning you should have a health and safety checklist to reference as often as needed. Workplace Health and Safety practices exist to give organisations an idea of the specific standards they need to meet to provide employees with a safe environment for completing work-related tasks. When performing inspections, you can use the checklist to conduct a thorough, detailed audit and take the best approach to protect your workers from sustaining severe injuries on the job.

#1. Complete the Site Inspection

The first and most crucial step on your health and safety checklist is the inspection of the worksite or equipment used during the construction phase. Completing a routine check will enable you to ensure that all workplace safety standards are met and that workers are wearing the personal protective equipment supplied to them before heading out on the field. If an inspection isn’t happening, there is a greater risk of workers sustaining injuries due to unidentified hazards that would’ve been spotted during the detailed audit. Start with the inspection to keep operations running smoothly while providing your contractors with a significantly safer workspace.

#2. Take Photos of Potential Issues

Once you’ve identified issues during the inspection, you must take photos of those issues to provide a visual description of the problem. The detailed images help those tasked with making adjustments or developing specific solutions that would aid in resolving these issues. They can identify the problem by reading through the commentary and inspection details and seeing the issue firsthand while zooming in on the photos supplied. In addition, it makes it easier for those handling the adjustments to ensure they’re working on the right equipment or materials that didn’t meet the safety standards during that initial inspection because they have the image right in front of them to reference when needed.

Your Health and Safety Checklist: 5 Things You Should Do to Keep Workers Safe

#3. Always Include Comments

Utilise the notes section to make comments on your findings from the inspection. The comments should include any necessary details that someone out on the field would need to know before they begin working on taking corrective measures to provide a safer environment for everyone. For example, this section should include the problem you’ve identified, why it’s a problem, and the different steps one can take to remediate the situation to mitigate risks. Some processes are more straightforward than others, with several requiring significant changes and others needing a few minor adjustments to make things more efficient.

#4. List Actionable Measures Needed

Take the time to list any actionable measures needed to ensure everyone is on the same page. When you include the corrective steps someone would need to take to resolve a problem spotted during the inspection – it saves time, effort and energy. When the professionals responsible for the adjustments arrive on location, they’ll know what they’re looking for and what actions they need to take to reduce potential hazards that could lead to more injuries for workers if not resolved.

#5. Save Time with Digital Signatures

Relying on digital signatures will help you save even more time and maintain a healthier and safer environment. Professionals can sign off using digital signatures for greater accuracy and fewer discrepancies. It also makes it easier to get things back on track when someone signs off and makes the project manager aware of the corrective measures taken to resolve problems found during an inspection.

Use the health and safety checklist to perform the best inspections. When you take a proactive approach to handling the inspection process, you have a better chance of identifying potential problems and managing them faster to maintain a safer and more productive work environment.

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