How FK Group Saves Time and Still Gets the Best QA Documentation

Using Next Field, as a visual field tool we managed to save time and boost productivity on the site, but still stay organized and meet the strict quality and documentation demands.”

Mark Hutchinson, Site Manager FK Group

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How Sweco does their facade inspections with Next Field

“With Next Field, I have an excellent to do list. Absolutely clear, straight to the point and with all the comments. Press “generate a report” and the whole job is done!”

John C Forester, Consulting Engineer, Sweco

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How Bezt Consulting Saves Time Conducting NEC Inspections with Next Field

Daren from Bezt Consulting was hired to act as an NEC supervisor with a view to carry out an inspection of a hospital. He needed an app that would allow him to quickly log each fault, attach them to a map of the building and collate a report to send back to the client. He found exactly what he was looking for in Next Field:

“It’s efficient, it’s accurate, it’s quick; it allows me to have that constant interaction with the contractor when I’m not on site… [Next Field] saves masses of time, making it much more efficient for me to see the project from start to finish.”

Daren Bezants, Bezt Consulting

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How DBC Records & Tracks Fire Door Installation with Ease

DBC Southern Ltd used to use paper QA checklists, and often struggled with keeping it all in order – papers can get smudged, torn, mislaid, and it was often difficult to match any photos they took with the right checklist and door. It was also difficult for them to co-ordinate their activities, as well as verify that each and every fire door had been installed correctly and met compliance. This all changed when they found Next Field:

With Next Field it’s a lot easier to find and trace each individual door. Plus whatever I do, any pictures I take, goes directly to each and every one of us individually; it’s all there for everybody to see.” 

Mark, Carpenter, DBC Southern Ltd

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