We are pleased to announce that we have been named a member of Build in Digital’s list of top 50 Construction Tech Partners!

Having reviewed the product offering and collated the votes from our customers, the judges determined Next to possess “good products that help teams to be more efficient.”

As relative newcomers to the UK – having gone from strength to strength in Sweden and Norway – we are pleased to see that our products have had such an impact on the UK construction industry in a relatively short space of time. We are looking forward to enjoying similar successes in the future!

The Tip of the Iceberg

With the majority of construction workers still relying on pen and paper, we are eager to build on what we’ve accomplished already in raising awareness of the numerous benefits of utilising digital productivity tools on-site. They can help teams to work better together; to avoid misunderstandings, synchronise tasks, manage deadlines and ensure that all HSE/quality/compliance quotients are met.

Interested in discovering more about our content?

Here’s a couple of examples of content that will give you an idea of what Next Field and Next Planning have to offer:

Buckingham Palace Building Inspection

Buckingham Palace Building Inspection


What’s this? A hole in the wall? A leaky pipe? This just won’t do for a building as fancy as Buckingham Palace; but fear not: Tom-Erik is on the case, using Next Field to notify the team of what needs fixing and where:

What is The Golden Thread?

 The Golden Thread refers to a relatively new precautionary measure to ensure that all documentation for design decisions, repair work, inspections and compliance amendments are stored digitally in a centralised repository.

The Purpose of a Construction Schedule?

The construction schedule is much like a blueprint. You need to have it when working on any project, regardless of how small or big it might be.