How Digital Inspections Will Enhance and Simplify Your Process

How Digital Inspections Will Enhance and Simplify Your Process

The inspection process is an essential one that sets the game plan for the entire project. With so many moving parts, various contractors, and details to coordinate, the inspection process can be laborious and easily become disorganized. Health and safety depend on the perfect execution of this phase of a project, and here at Checkd, we believe that embracing a digital inspection process and making use of tablets and mobile devices in place of paper plans will save time, money, effort, and ultimately lead to greater success in the outcomes of your inspection process.

Four ways Digital Inspections Will Enhance and Simplify Your Process

Here are four ways that embracing a digital inspection method will improve your inspection process and workflow…

1. Get a sense of the full project, at a glance

Because of the ability for a digital inspection app to hold all the information about a project, it is easy to quickly get an understanding of an entire project in a few minutes. Instead of having to sort through paperwork from various sources, piece together notes, and ask for updates, using a digital inspection tool means that the full picture and full story are available in one place, making it easier for managers and contractors to understand what needs to be done, what the project entails, and who they need to contact. 

2. See notes in their real location

With a digital inspection app, users make notes and annotations on images of the location itself. That means, looking on your mobile device, tablet, or computer, you can explore the site, view tags on specific areas, such as a window, and read the inspection notes about that specific spot. Plus, with a zoomed-out view, you can see all the locations with notes which helps to give a sense of scale to the work that needs to be done and the next steps that must be taken. Working with blueprints or making notes in rooms doesn’t always make it clear for the next person to understand exactly which spot in the area had a comment, but with a digital inspection tool, very little is left to be misunderstood. 

3. Easily see the progress of every project with digital checklists

The beauty of a digital inspection process is that it essentially acts like a database. With the ability to view information in different formats, each step of the process gets easier. Understanding the site through annotated pictures is helpful to see each inspection comment, but then when it comes to establishing next steps, assigning work, understanding deadlines, and seeing the progress of each project, the ability to view a digital checklist and status update makes the process instantaneous. Elements of the project won’t get forgotten, time estimates can be given accurately, and who is doing what, where, and when, can be answered in just a few swipes.

4. Make communications easier and automated with report generation

A digital inspection tool also means digital inspection reports. With the ability to automate reports and send them where they need to go, the communications and logistical process of coordinating multiple contractors becomes as easy as a button. Digital tools make it so that you don’t have to chase anyone down over the phone, drive around to deliver forms, wait to collect signatures, or keep track of piles of paperwork. The automated processes and ease of communication that come with digital inspection reports saves time and headaches.

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