How DBC Records & Tracks Fire Door Installation with Ease

Published date: 14 March, 2023 Author: Carlotta Granath

DBC Southern Ltd used to use paper QA checklists, and often struggled with keeping it all in order – papers can get smudged, torn, mislaid, and it was often difficult to match any photos they took with the right checklist and door. It was also difficult for them to co-ordinate their activities, as well as verify that each and every fire door had been installed correctly and met compliance. This all changed when they found Next Field:

With Next Field it’s a lot easier to find and trace each individual door. Plus whatever I do, any pictures I take, goes directly to each and every one of us individually; it’s all there for everybody to see.” – Mark, Carpenter, DBC Southern Ltd.

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How DBC Records & Tracks Fire Door Installation with Ease

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