Project finances

Do you find it difficult to monitor the ongoing finances of your projects in real time and do you struggle to find time to do your post costing calculations? Do you perform manual collocations or calculations in Excel? In NEXT, we collect all data in a single place, which provides you with completely different opportunities to monitor ongoing projects on a day-to-day basis but also automatically generates post costings for all of the projects you carry out.

  • You can choose whether to see the details at project level or general level. In the unique project overview in NEXT, you will quickly find the selection of projects you want to follow up on.
  • Financial key figures in real time, e.g. invoiced, accrued, gross margin and contribution margin%.
  • With all of your financial data in NEXT, you can identify projects at risk of running out of time and budget more quickly.
  • Project budgets (Read more about Budget forecasting) can be created at different levels depending on the scope of the project, in a group for the project, by building component/sub-project or at a detailed level (account).
  • Complete basis for percentage of completion recognition.

Post costings can be performed for the project type, customer type, remuneration type, etc. and you can therefore determine with good accuracy the types of projects you actually earn money from.