E-book: The Top 10 Health and Safety Risks in the Construction Industry

The Top 10 Health and Safety Risks in the Construction Industry

Construction is the most dangerous industry for workers, with dozens of risks involved that have the potential to cause serious, life-threatening injuries. Unfortunately, many people working in the construction field die each year due to a lack of proper protective equipment, safety protocols, and other workplace errors. The key to preventing this problem and providing a safer workspace for individuals is to understand some of the most common risks and what to do to avoid them.

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Injuries commonly occur when construction workers deal with heights, heavy moving equipment, and electricity. But, of course, these are only some of the most common safety concerns, with plenty of others having the potential to cause catastrophic injuries. When project managers and construction companies take actionable steps to train their employees and provide protective equipment, the risks of workers sustaining severe injuries will drop significantly. However, before they can take the correct steps, they must first assess the risks of the worksite because those hazards can vary from one space to the next. Check out this list of the top 10 health and safety risks and how construction companies can make much more effort to protect their workers while they complete daily tasks.

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