Many people get a stomach ache from talking about checklists in the construction industry. It is not uncommon to associate checklists with hatred. There is a lot of hassle, there is a lot of paperwork and you often feel that it is not particularly value-creating for the company – even though everyone knows that it is very important.

One of the biggest problems is that there are many thousands of different checklists, and you do not quite know which one to choose at the right time. Therefore, checklists are made that cover a lot in a project.

For example, one checklist can contain 30 points that must be reviewed, even though only 10 of the points are relevant. Therefore, we have experienced that many in the BAE industry have had a desire that it should be possible to edit and adapt checklists to each unique project in a flexible way.

Secure Job Analysis (SJA)

Prior to a project, a Safe Job Analysis (SJA) must be performed, and then you must clarify whether there are special adjustments that must be taken into account in advance and during a project. Once you have performed SJA in Next Field and know which special considerations that must be taken, the checklists can be adapted accordingly. We see that people close their eyes when they hear that this is possible in Next Field FORMS Pro. That is, you have a template as a starting point, where you adapt it to a specific project and puts the checklist for everyone who works on the project in question. Then there will never be any doubt about which checklist to use in the project, nor which fields to use in the individual situation.

Attach checklist points to floor plans

One of the strengths of Next Field FORMS Pro is that checkpoints in the checklists are more than just a few crosses. a checklist, but you have a task and deviation management system directly in your checklist. Tasks can be placed directly in floor plans, so that everyone knows where the points belong.