Construction News Roundup: September

News roundup

Some aspects of the construction industry are returning to pre-Covid levels, while other aspects are venturing into new territory. With new regulations, techniques and work-around’s popping up every month, construction companies need to be both agile and consistent to avoid falling behind.

This blog covers some of the news highlights that you may have missed last month:

Construction materials supply returns to pre-Covid levels

Building materials such as bricks, blocks, boilers, plaster and timber products, have returned to pre-Covid levels, according to the latest statement from John Newcomb, CEO of the Builders Merchants Federation and Peter Caplehorn, CEO of the Construction Products Association, co-chairs of the Construction Leadership Council’s Product Availability working group.

Building Fails

Fancy a laugh to get you through the day? Check out some of these building fails to remind yourself that your work could always be worse!

Construction leaders join forces to launch carbon database

The project, which has been developed and funded by the Building Cost Information Service (BCIS) over the last three years, is free-to-access and is designed to become the main source of carbon estimating and benchmarking for the industry.

Is refurbishment the answer to meeting UK housing demand?

With the UK’s ongoing housing crisis seeming to go from bad to worse, could refurbishment be the answer to meeting UK housing demand?

Work begins on ‘first net zero home of its kind’ in Scotland

Once complete, it will comprise a kitchen, living room and bathroom, all kitted out with the latest technologies. There will also be attic space for solar training, with solar panels on the front and back of the roof, while a garage space will store batteries, a hot water cylinder and boilers.

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