CHECKD – part of the Next portfolio, becomes Next Field

CHECKD Field is a user-friendly, visual and cloud-based digital tool for snagging, inspections and checklists. Today, CHECKD has over 30,000 users throughout the Nordic region, and that is just the beginning. Since 2020, we have doubled the number of people on the CHECKD team and new functions are being launched more often now than ever before.

When CHECKD became a part of the Next Group in 2020, we became part of a larger product portfolio with a number of ERP-systems and project tools for the entire construction industry.

Since the start in 2014, Next has grown through several acquisitions and international expansion. To best position ourselves in new and existing markets, we are now taking the next step gathering all our products under the corporate brand Next. This means that CHECKD will change its name to Next Field.

In addition to the acquisition of CHECKD, Next also acquired the services Byggsamordnaren and Byggplanen. As a company group, we are growing rapidly, and in addition to the CHECKD office in Oslo, we are now present at three additional office locations in Sweden; Stockholm, Gothenburg and Linköping. In 2021, we also established a presence in England, where the CHECKD product will be the first we offer.

Intending to create clarity in sender, message and product portfolio, all our acquired products are now in a single brand profile under Next’s corporate brand. It also includes the name change from CHECKD to Next Field.

“We are very pleased to be part of Next’s growth journey ahead, where the product Next Field (formerly CHECKD) with a strong overall organization behind it, will have the opportunity for international expansion in terms of the Swedish market but now also England. We need to convey that we are now part of a larger unit and we do so with our new product name. We are still the same team as before and with the same offer to our customers, but with a greater opportunity to make both new and existing customers even more satisfied in the future”, says Tom-Erik von Krogh-Martinsen, co-founder of CHECKD

To further define our overall product portfolio and create clarity in what we offer in the building, construction and real estate industry, we are also launching a new graphic identity and new slogan.

“We are paving the way with new working methods for an entire industry. This is reflected in our new brand concept “Building new ways”, and our message “The new way to build”. We do not want our customers to only be digitized, but that they get a more efficient and profitable construction company”, says Gunilla Åberg, CEO of Next.

In the new product structure, CHECKD changes its name to Next Field, Byggplanen to Next Planning and Byggsamordnaden to Next Coordinator. The changes take place in May 2022. Beyond the name changes, there will be no difference for you as a customer in how you use the services.

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