Busting Myths About Digital Tools in the Construction Industry

Busting Myths About Digital Tools in the Construction Industry

Busting Myths About Digital Tools in the Construction Industry

For some reason, the construction industry has always been a little slower to adopt new technologies than other industries. Perhaps the hands-on and in-the-field nature of the job makes it harder to integrate new solutions since workers are not at their desks all day with access to computers and digital technology. Plus, working with materials and juggling curveballs as they arise, it can be perceived as a challenge to integrate organizational systems into the current workflow. But we believe that harnessing digital tools can optimize a team’s workflow beyond imagination. In this article, we are busting four common myths we hear from workers and managers in the construction industry.

#1. Myth: We are too busy to integrate and learn new technologies

Yes, taking on and implementing a new system requires some time investment at the front of the process. We understand that in the fast-paced industry, driven by deadlines and overworked teams it can be unfathomable to dedicate more time to a new task. Even with that in mind, we guarantee that it will be worth it. Taking a handful of hours to set up workflow task management systems, payment automation systems, and expense tracking programs won’t only allow you to gain those hours back, they will launch you into efficient methods that will save you hundreds of hours compounding over years. This means achieving new, free time every day to address the bigger ongoing to-do list, manage situations as they arise, or ultimately, take on even more work without absolutely drowning.

#2. Myth: I’m keeping track of everything in my mind

We know that veterans of the industry are skilled and talented when it comes to juggling hundreds of small details and keeping track of measurements, materials, decisions, appointments, prices, and more. But ultimately the human mind makes mistakes, forgets a detail, misses a payment, or misremembers a conversation. Project management software, spend tracking apps, and organizational platforms won’t make those mistakes, and will allow you to clear up space in your mind for other, more important ideas, decisions, and plans. Just because you can remember the details, doesn’t mean you should have to clutter your energy with those aspects of the job; let a spreadsheet do what it can do and leave your own mind to achieve even greater creativity, business ideas, or project outcomes.

#3. Myth: Customers won’t like it if we change

So many businesses, within the construction industry and beyond, feel constrained by their perception of what clients and customers will think. Knowing that one has steady or regular customers, repeat business, or a loyal following, makes business owners feel that if they make a change, they will lose that support. When it comes to integrating more streamlined, clear, and comprehensive digital solutions that transform paperwork processes into button taps on a smartphone, customers will be on board. Most people prefer convenience and love saving time. With clear communication about what the changes are and why they are happening, the business shouldn’t suffer at all, but instead will thrive from having made each step easier for the customers.

#4. Myth: BIM Technology is just for big firms

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has become a popular tool that spans all phases of project development. From ideas to planning and implementation, BIM can reduce mistakes, confusion, and miscommunication. Many companies believe that the benefits of BIM are only relevant to large-sized firms and while helpful in projects of a larger scale, BIM is helpful in any context. It helps with calculating costs, budgets, plans, and proposals making it easier on the team, the managers, and the clients along the way.

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