9 reasons why you should use Next Field in your next construction project

he app with a description, location in the floor plan, photo and responsible party to follow up the observation further.

When you have finished the inspection, you can use two keystrokes to generate a completed report, which can then be shared with colleagues, partners or customers.

Provides good control of all tasks

As a worker, project manager or other manager on a construction site, there are often a thousand things to do, and everything moves swiftly. Who should do what? Has the person in question realized that the task must be done and where it is to be performed?

By using Next Field in construction projects, you always have steel control over who will do what and the status of the tasks.

At the same time, it is incredibly great for all the workers in the project to be able to come to work every morning, and know exactly what to do.

If they have questions or if there are ambiguities related to individual tasks, it can be communicated directly in the tasks through chat. Additionally, if the leader sees that the documentation on a task is inadequate, you can specify what is wrong directly in the task.

Central storage of documentation

Prevent reports, protocols, KS documentation and other data from flowing around in different data silos. Gather all the data in one place, so that you and everyone else in the project know where to find the necessary information at all times.

5. Keep track of laws and strict requirements

There are many laws, regulations and requirements to consider in construction projects. It can often be overwhelming to keep track of everything, especially when everyday life is otherwise hectic.

That is why we have created Next Field FORMS Pro so you can create exactly the checklists and protocols you need to comply with all requirements, while also being easy to link to documentation and guidelines where relevant.

This means that you no longer have to be in doubt about what the current legislation or requirements are based on what is to be done. 

6. Internal control and HSE

The most important thing after a hectic working day is that everyone on the construction site returns home to their family safely. There are constantly accidents and incidents that could have been largely avoided if internal control and HSE routines were in order.

Next Field makes it easy for the HSE manager and safety representative to follow up and document HSE in a good way, while at also meeting strict requirements and regulations. 

7. Smart digital checklists

When you discover an error or defect while checking or inspecting something, it is often the case that a traditional checklist only has “tick a box”.

With smart digital checklists in Next Field , you can link checkpoints and deviations directly to a floor plan, so that everyone who reads the report knows exactly where the deviation or observation is in the project. You can also delegate the point directly to a worker or subcontractor, if you want to ensure that the discrepancy is followed up and closed.

«Next Field is a big leap forward from what I have seen of quality assurance and checklists before. Congratulations – this is a tool that makes it possible to document in detail that the job has been done in accordance with all rules and regulations. Previously, the documentation only on the basis of professionalism, assumed that the handed over project was reasonably ok and without serious errors and omissions. »

8. Well liked by users – ease of use

There are many systems out there that users “hate” because the system is slow, gnarled or simply old-fashioned.

We know that in order to be successful in the market, users must love our solutions – otherwise it will not be used.

Therefore, all the systems we offer are easy to use, and minimal technical understanding is required to get great benefits from the services. This makes Next Field easy to “roll out” in projects for both employees and subcontractors.

9. Offline mode

As a craftsman, it is critical to be able to document the work regardless of circumstances. It is often the case that you are in a basement or other areas where you do not have a network connection on your mobile.

You will still be able to document your work in Next Field even if you are without internet. As soon as the phone comes online, the mobile will sync to the cloud again.

This allows you to work uninterrupted whether you are offline or online.

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