Time reporting directly via mobile

På under minuten har du rapporterat din arbetsdag direkt från fält. Tiden skickas direkt till lönesystemet men hamnar också som en kostnad på projektet – i realtid.

Report materials

Återrapportera material, resor, verktyg och andra kostnader. Med NEXT favoritlista missar du inget fakturerbart från fält.

Documents, photos, AAWs

Bra dokumentation minskar risk för tvister och höjer kvalitén på er leverans. Spara
dagboksanteckningar, foton, checklistor. Skapa egenkontroller utifrån mallar och dela ritningar till mobilen.

tidrapportering för byggbranschen

Easily document your working day - in just a minute

With our mobile timesheet, you can submit the timesheet for your working day in a quick and easy way, directly from the field. You can make diary entries, copy events from the previous day and use personal shortcuts. The simplicity provides workers with a sense of freedom and allows them to easily plan their working days to be as efficient as possible.

Tablet with construction project management tool loaded

All reports submitted to the right project in real time

Approve hours and ensure that they are entered against the correct project. Instead of chasing timesheets and materials, you can concentrate on driving the project forward. You will be in complete control of how the project is going – in real time – while also being able to easily monitor hours against the estimate. Easily add drawings and work orders that can be viewed directly on mobile.

Worker using construction project management tool on laptop

Invoice specifications, payroll specifications and follow-up, all in a single system

At the office, you will have an excellent overview of how the personnel in the field have reported time and materials and this information will subsequently form the basis for invoice and payroll specifications. You can easily remind personnel to record any missing hours by sending a SMS reminder – at the touch of a button – directly from NEXT. You can follow up on forecasts and the comprehensive monitoring makes things easy at the end of the project – all of this without having to switch between systems.

komplett åter-rapportering

More comprehensive reporting quickly ensures improved margins in your projects

  • Working hours
  • Any overtime
  • Alterations and Additional Work (AAW)
  • Travel by company vehicle
  • Private travel
  • Subsistence
  • Diary entries
  • Photos
  • Own machinery
  • Own materials
  • Items used from own inventory
  • Items used from company vehicle
Worker using construction project management app

The simple interface is appreciated by users

The simple interface is appreciated by users at the construction site. The ability to report directly via mobile is perceived to be simple and practical.

“With NEXT we were finally able to get help with mobile timesheets”

Bo Staffan, Finance Controller at Sandbäckens

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