Interprets 11 different concepts
Automatically interprets project numbers
Default supplier account
Interpretation at item level
Sorting of mail (in the event of external scanning)
Certification flow with two certification levels

NEXT e-Invoice is a stand-alone application that handles incoming supplier invoices digitally. Together with our scanning partner, we completely eliminate paperwork and you can manage the invoices on your computer instead. You can choose whether to perform the scanning yourself or change the invoice address to the scanning company. The service includes invoice interpretation and, if the invoice is marked correctly with the project number, you often do not have to do anything – it will end up in the correct inbox, i.e. assigned to the correct project and project manager automatically. When you have approved/certified the invoice in NEXT e-Invoice, the invoice continues to both the finance system and NEXT Project for accounting and project accounting.

The fact that the entire flow is owned by NEXT naturally also means that you can access the invoice view in NEXT Project – which is very practical in connection with e.g. project reconciliations and ongoing invoicing. If e-Invoice is not enough for your needs, you can also use one of the other solutions on the market. Read more on our ERP system page.

“We use NEXT e-Invoice to manage incoming supplier invoices. We save time on not having to deal with paper invoices and instead we certify invoices digitally – directly in NEXT. Everything is archived and saved in NEXT, which is reassuring. We have an integration with Visma Administration, where we manage all of our accounting.” Read more about how Dalens Mur & Puts are benefitting from NEXT e-Invoice.