Using the right construction planning software to bring order from chaos

Johnny Wulcan, founder of Next Planning

In almost every construction project there are a number of challenges and obstacles that may arise along the way – from unforeseen delays and material shortages to coordination problems and changes in project scope. The road to success is rarely easy. A time and resource planning tool can in many cases be the key to mitigating these unknown perils.

Before today’s solutions came to light, facility managers and project managers tried various solutions that turned out to be time-consuming and sub-optimal. Next Planning was created to address these specific pain points, in order to help construction managers to take back control of their projects.

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As many of us within Next have worked in the construction industry ourselves, we quickly realised that there is a need for both site managers and project managers to be able to create professional timetables in a simple and efficient way. The solutions that have previously been used were far too complicated and required a long training period to be used to their full potential. That’s why we wanted to develop a cloud-based alternative solution that includes nothing but the necessary functions required for construction, says Johnny Wulcan, founder of Next Planning.

Today, Planning is used in 40,000 projects by over 5,000 site managers – big and small. Wulcan believes there is a good reason for that:

— Planning is an incredibly user-friendly and versatile software, that makes it possible to effectively manage all types of projects. The software includes extensive sharing features, such as the ability to share timesheets with employees and subcontractors via PDF’s or sharing links. The sharing links provide real-time viewing of the timetables without the need for a separate Planning user.

Intuitive software

— Planning can also be used to create timetables for a specific construction project, which in turn contains an incredible number of activities to be carried out. Materials must be ordered, subcontractors must be monitored, and excavators must be kept busy, and then the skilled workers must know what to do. Furthermore, managers need to ensure that all tasks carried out are completed properly and within the limits of compliance laws, he adds.

The intuitive software can also be used to create schedules for specific construction projects involving many activities. Everything from ordering materials to coordinating subcontractors and resources requires precise planning to comply with the regulations. Planning was created to meet these needs in the construction industry, with ease of use as a central consideration. In contrast to more complex and expensive alternatives, Planning is simple and intuitive to use.

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— Even people with limited computer knowledge can get started with Planning without issue. You don’t need to be an expert to understand and benefit from the software. It is suitable for small projects with a few employees, medium-sized companies with several projects or large companies with extensive project portfolios, where everyone involved in the project can stay in the loop.

– Larger construction companies in particular can benefit from Planning’s resource planning feature. They get access to underlying schedules, which facilitates resource allocation. This provides a comprehensive overview at group, departmental or company level, which in turn prevents overloading of employees, and thereby ensures optimal utilization of available resources, explains Wulcan.

Seamless communication

In a construction project, the assumptions often change along the way. It is therefore important to have a tool that can capture and communicate the challenges in real time.

— With the implementation of a number of activities and construction tasks, effective communication becomes essential for the achievement of positive results, both from a qualitative and economic perspective. Therefore, the presence of a user-friendly tool is essential, as it enables users to easily enter and update their timetables.

— Updated timetables give the project members a management base to discuss and plan from. Planning supports printing in various formats, and a printed timetable in the barracks provides clear guidelines for workers, machine operators, foremen and plant managers, concludes the entrepreneur.

Planning has a dedicated support department that is available by phone or email. This provides personal assistance to users without hidden costs. You also don’t need to download or install anything – all you have to do is sign up for a free trial and you’ll be up and running in seconds.

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