NewsAutomatically populate document templates with project data
NewsAll project roles in the contact list can be retrieved in the project templates
NewsVersion management for full traceability and history
Coming soonDefault template library and workplace library included
Save e-mails and attachments directly from the inbox to the NEXT project
All documents available on mobile
All documentation in one place
Unlimited storage

NEXT DocOnline is a document management tool that allows you to save files and e-mails directly to the project folder in NEXT.

Default templates or custom templates – your choice

DocOnline provides you with the opportunity to use default templates (e.g. HSE templates) to automatically generate pre-populated documents with data retrieved from NEXT. The autofill feature can retrieve a variety of data from NEXT, e.g. project data, contact details, roles and customer data.

If you already use custom document templates, you will be able to use these but will also have access to an extensive default template library. Of course, you can mix and match between your own templates and the templates provided by NEXT and you will also be able to create new templates or edit existing templates as requirements change. You have complete freedom!

Folder structure

You can choose to always use one type of folder structure or different types depending on the project type. Anything to save employees time.

Register of contacts / roles

The project tab is also equipped with a sub-tab, the contact list, in which all project roles, external and internal, are collected in a single place. The autofill feature retrieves data from the contact list when documents are created.

Version management

DocOnline now supports complete version management, which means full traceability and the opportunity to recover previous document versions.  

Guaranteed to ensure high quality and save time!

Regardless of the business activities you carry out, DocOnline will simplify your document management. Being able to start a project from both template projects and template documents and then automatically generate all of the default documents that must be created saves huge amounts of time. Not least when it comes to HSE work, for which the documentation requirements are extensive. (If you are certified in e.g. BF9K or Povel, these would likely be the templates you select from the library).

Mobile availability

All documents can be made available via mobile with a single click, which means that HSE procedures, installation instructions, inspection schedules, drawings, photos, etc., are easily available via mobile.