Follow up the entire project with pins in Next Field

The unique pin system in Next Field allows you to gather all the information you need in one place. In addition, you can follow up the item from the time it is created until the task has been completed and approved.

An unlimited number of colleagues, contractors and sub-contractors can be invited to join your project even if they do not pay for Field themselves. They simply click on the invite link that is emailed to them, and off they go – no installation required!

Gather all information

A pin can be a work task, a deviation, a compliance issue or a maintenance task. You can define the pins yourself so that they fit into their existing routines.

Using a solid tag function, you can create exactly the pins you need to follow your existing routines.

A pin contains:

  • Location (directly in floor plan or other type of drawing basis)
  • Plot/job number
  • Documentation; notes and photos
  • Who is responsible for handling the point
  • Type (task, deviation, etc.)
  • Progress
  • Photographic evidence both before & after the task has been completed (optional).
Task management

Items in Next Field will be assigned a status

Items in Next Field will be assigned a status so that they can be followed up from start to finish:

  1. Grey: the item has been logged
  2. Red: the pin is delegated to the appropriate worker
  3. Yellow: the pin is progressing
  4. Blue: the pin is finished
  5. Green: the pin is approved by the supervisor.


Pin Work Orders

More on pins

  • A pin contains all the information you need
  • Follow up the pin from the time it is created until it is approved and closed
  • You can delegate pins to employees, UEs, suppliers, etc.
  • See pins directly in floor plan / map or get an overview in list view.

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